Translation of ablution in Spanish:


ablución, n.

Pronunciation /əˈbluʃən/ /əˈbluːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    ablución feminine
    to perform one's ablutions hacerse la toilette humorous
    • She would have been down there taking a ceremonial ablution and praying to the river god Hapi, who was also the god of fertility.
    • He may practice Divine knowledge, meditation, pilgrimages, and ablutions.
    • He applied sandal paste on his forehead and wore the sacred thread across his body and was rigorous in the ablutions before prayers.
    • Prayers are to be made in the direction of Mecca and must be carried out in a state of ritual purity, achieved by either ritual ablutions or a bath.
    • Most religions practice ritual ablution, or bathing - though only Hinduism by the millions at once.
    • Lessons about the Arabic alphabet, examples of Islamic art, and depictions of basic Muslim acts of worship, such as ablutions for prayer, are featured throughout.
    • We are ordered to make ablution before prayer, and also to make sure that our places of prayer are free of contamination and filth.
    • Moreover, the several marble basins that were found in the building, and that might have formed part of its furnishings in the last phase and perhaps even in previous phases, could have held water for ritual ablutions.
    • Interestingly enough, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) also encouraged doing ablution before going to bed.
    • Abdel-Wahed was in the yard doing his ablutions before prayers when a sniper bullet hit him.
    • They gave me good food with fruit and water for ablutions and prayer.
    • At last he went to the palace one day, and, being informed that the Caliph was making his ablutions prior to his prayers, sat down in an antechamber.
    • Muslims pray 5 times a day at specific times, and they perform ablutions (wash up) before they pray.
    • Along one wall men sat on marble blocks in front of taps for people to perform their ablutions - washing feet, arms up to the elbow, rinsing nose and eyes - in preparation for prayer.
    • At lunchtime, bearded students perform their ablutions along a long row of taps before going off to pray.
    • While Abas was putting on his shirt after performing the ablutions for the afternoon prayer, he was surprised to see a new prayer mat spread neatly on his bed.
    • Hassane and most of the competitors sheepishly made their way over to El Hadji's open-air mosque to perform their ablutions and prayers.
    • Familiar river scenes are shown as the boat ride progresses, such as a cow carcass floating in the river, the renowned cremation ghats and locals, as well as pilgrims, performing ritual ablutions.
    • During the lunch break I went to the bathroom to perform an ablution for the Zuhar prayers but in the Western style bathroom it was not a very feasible idea.
    • Part of the Islamic tradition is to set strict rules for ablutions, washing hands, arms, face and feet with running water before praying.