Translation of abnormal in Spanish:


anómalo, adj.

Pronunciation /æbˈnɔrməl/ /əbˈnɔːm(ə)l/


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    (growth/development/condition) Medicine anómalo
    (growth/development/condition) Medicine anormal
    (behavior) anómalo
    (behavior) anormal
    (level/rate) anormal
    (level/rate) singular
    abnormal psychology psicología patológica / clínica
    • Every episode marked him, though there is no evidence of any abnormal behaviour.
    • His life has been so abnormal it is no surprise that he has such unusual views.
    • The boy told the court his behaviour had been abnormal and not the sort of thing he wanted to do in the future.
    • As far as I can judge he sees nothing abnormal or peculiar about any part of this routine.
    • All women are supposedly naturally maternal and any woman who rejects this role is seen as deviant and abnormal.
    • Crime, rather than being abnormal and uncommon, may be considered a routine part of life.
    • The condition is rare and is caused by the inheritance of an abnormal gene from an affected parent.
    • Fusion in this case is somewhat of a worry because these are highly abnormal cells.
    • My greatest work was the reconstruction of a congenitally abnormal heart.
    • The abnormal hike in fuel prices leads to increase in prices of essential commodities.
    • His abnormal memory power is not restricted just to the game, but aids him in his office work.
    • Cells normally divide in a controlled way, but abnormal cells keep on dividing, which can form a lump.
    • Some abnormal smears do in fact revert to normal without treatment, but some go on to become cancerous.
    • A true food allergy is an abnormal response to a food triggered by the immune system.
    • Seabed sensors detect abnormal wave movements and relay the information to scientists.
    • The demand for tickets had been abnormal, and the committee had to refuse a great number who applied.
    • She speculated that abnormal electrical activity in the heart or brain may have been the reason.
    • Interferon is produced naturally in the body and helps fight infection or abnormal cells.
    • The level was so high that a second reading was taken and although this was lower it was still so abnormal as to be fatal.
    • MPs live quite an abnormal life, and a lot of the time they are away from home.