Translation of abnormality in Spanish:


anomalía, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæbnɔrˈmælədi/ /abnɔːˈmalɪti/ /abnəˈmalɪti/

nounplural abnormalities

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    anomalía feminine
    anormalidad feminine
    • This is because scientists look for abnormalities in chromosomes but cannot find any in these patients.
    • These abnormalities are caused by defects in the genes that tell the cells how to make collagen.
    • Some experts also say that cleft lip and palate may be a marker for a multitude of severe congenital abnormalities.
    • To allow comparison between sexes, X chromosome abnormalities were concurrently studied in women.
    • The proportion of neonatal deaths attributed to major genetic or congenital abnormalities has increased.
    • Genetic factors such as parental chromosome abnormalities are a major known cause which should be looked for.
    • Several congenital abnormalities are rendered less likely by an adequate folate intake.
    • Hannah was born with multiple abnormalities, including a heart defect, and has learning difficulties.
    • Like albinos and partial albinos, the occurrence of pale birds is the result of genetic abnormalities in both male and female.
    • Fetal anomaly screening uses ultrasound scanning to find certain abnormalities in the baby.
    • They can be given to patients who are suffering with heart abnormalities and taken home to record information for diagnosis.
    • The most severely afflicted children may be severely deaf, suffer heart problems and kidney abnormalities.
    • Some boys get recurrent urinary infections without any kidney abnormalities.
    • Cervical screening detects abnormalities which, if left untreated, could lead to cervical cancer.
    • Some have surgery for abnormalities that would never lead to invasive cancer.
    • On rare occasions it has been associated with heart rhythm abnormalities and heart attacks.
    • There are many abnormalities that may be missed by the untrained eye.
    • It was also possible that drugs used to stimulate ovaries could trigger chromosomal abnormalities.
    • A postmortem on Mr Taylor revealed no abnormalities with his health and there were no traces of alcohol in his body.
    • Antinori takes this as evidence that humans are less likely to suffer abnormalities than animals.