Translation of aboard in Spanish:


a bordo, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈbɔrd/ /əˈbɔːd/


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    (on ship, aircraft) a bordo
    (on train) en el tren
    (on bus) en el autobús
    to go aboard subir a bordo
    • Perhaps the customers have magically climbed aboard a ship.
    • Most rail passengers felt uneasy as they climbed aboard their first train after the Paddington disaster.
    • I climb aboard the train a minute or two before it pulls out of the station and find to my horror that my seat is taken.
    • Gay and lesbian travelers are welcome aboard cruise ships, and they are among the most enthusiastic cruisers around.
    • He climbed aboard the aircraft, started the engines, and was cleared for takeoff.
    • Here he climbs aboard the ‘longest train in the world’, breaking his journey at Chinguetti.
    • She climbed aboard the train and soon it took off for Yorkshire.
    • When the tender is safely alongside the ship, climb aboard when the coxswain tells you to.
    • You hoist yourself into the front seat like a driver climbing aboard an old steam train.
    • On this day 390 years ago, the great explorer Sir Francis Drake died aboard ship off the coast of Panama.
    • Victor also saw action aboard many other ships including the aircraft carrier Shah in the Far East, but to him the Exeter was the most special.
    • A container, the sort used to ship cargo across oceans and aboard trains, became Vienna's emblem last summer.
    • Pallets are delivered to the aircraft via track-driven vehicles, then pulled aboard using a winch.
    • The fire aboard the ship worsened and men climbed into lifeboats.
    • Mary Campion gave a spellbinding talk at our April meeting, describing her terrifying experience aboard the cruise ship Jupiter and how it changed her life.
    • I awakened before dawn aboard a cruise ship in Warnamunde, Germany, an unheralded port along the Baltic Sea.
    • Passengers aboard the packed train said about five miles outside Newbridge, the train driver began to blow his horn loudly and then braked hard.
    • At the end of the ceremony at sea, a further eight bells were sounded to mark the end of the watch aboard ship - and the first commemoration of the disaster.
    • The balloon began losing helium during inflation aboard the launch ship Triton, around 20 miles off St Ives, west Cornwall.
    • Today, Irish Rail says there is no smoking aboard trains.


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    a bordo de
    aboard the ship/plane a bordo del barco/avión
    • he enjoyed life aboard ship le gustaba la vida de a bordo
    • aboard the bus/train en el autobús/tren