Translation of abound in Spanish:


abundar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈbaʊnd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to abound in sth abundar en algo
    to abound with sth abundar en algo
    • In some situations, the declines are so gentle that arguments abound as to whether a bear market really existed at all.
    • Realistic hope abounds but, in truth, it probably won't happen.
    • In Surbiton, around by the station, rubbish abounds.
    • Speculation abounds about Sony's intentions over the next 24 hours.
    • Seeing that fewer than half the EU electorate picked these MEP characters, is it any wonder that apathy abounds?
    • Deadpan humour abounds and the curmudgeonly Fin has a whole repertoire of exasperated sighs and steely stares as he attempts to bite the hand of friendship.
    • Rumour abounds at present in the Caherconlish area that its out of date sewerage system is about to be upgraded with the provision of a new pump house.
    • Confusion also still abounds as to dates of public holidays.
    • Storage space abounds inside with the new fascia boasting a central lidded storage box plus two glove boxes on the passenger side.
    • Doom abounds but the trawl for positives has to begin somewhere.
    • Wherever you look, Ireland's wonderfully rich heritage abounds.
    • Optimism abounds but there are tough choices to be made.
    • Wood-panelling abounds and the atmosphere is suitably subdued.
    • Evidence of the Chinese talent for cooking abounds, in the humblest homes as in the costliest restaurants.
    • Speculation abounds as to how long Amir Khan can turn his back on the long line of promoters beating a path to his door and remain in the amateur ranks.
    • Desperation abounds, especially among the young and those beyond the gilded circle of the Parisian elites.
    • Speculation abounds that the bank was secretly doing their part to help pay back those student loans.
    • Scepticism abounds, yet even the police agree there's something out there.
    • At ten pm, the volume of local Greek dialect increases and friendly conversation abounds.
    • It is easy to see why rumour abounds about the levels of discontent simmering within the company.