Translation of above in Spanish:


encima de, prep

Pronunciation /əˈbəv/ /əˈbʌv/

See Spanish definition of arriba


  • 1

    • 1.1(on top of, over)

      encima de
      the room above mine la habitación encima de la mía
      • above sea level sobre el nivel del mar
      • this elevator doesn't go above the tenth floor este ascensor no sube más que hasta el décimo piso
      • we were flying above the clouds volábamos por encima de las nubes
      • in the paragraph above this one en el párrafo anterior a este
      • her voice rose above the noise su voz se elevó por encima del ruido
      • I can't hear you above this din no te oigo con este barullo

    • 1.2(upstream of)

      más allá de
      más más arriba de

  • 2

    • 2.1(superior, senior to)

      por encima de
      above him there's only the president por encima de él no está más que el presidente
      • there's nothing above the ace no hay nada superior al as
      • a lieutenant is above a sergeant un teniente está por encima de un sargento
      • she went above me and complained to my boss me pasó por encima y se quejó a mi jefe
      • he puts loyalty above everything pone la lealtad ante todo / por encima de todo

    • 2.2(morally)

      por encima de
      I thought you were above that kind of thing pensé que estabas por encima de ese tipo de cosas
      • she's not above telling a lie es muy capaz de decir una mentira

    • 2.3(too difficult for)

      this book is above me este libro es demasiado difícil para mí

  • 3

    (more than)
    above average/the minimum por encima de la media/del mínimo
    • above 10,000 spectators más de 10.000 espectadores


  • 1

    • 1.1(on top, higher up, overhead)

      the floor/room above el piso/la habitación de arriba
      • the light came from above la luz venía de arriba
      • seen from above visto desde arriba
      • orders from above órdenes superiores
      • The walls of the glen loomed dark and heavy above and overhead the stars seemed to spin around him.
      • I, then, noticed a bright light in the sky above and not too far beyond the mountaintops.
      • The cavern ceiling above shimmered as light was caught on its crystalline surface.
      • They are brown above and slightly darker on the wings than on the back and rump.
      • We would redevelop it with a restaurant style pub on the ground floor, flats above and possibly housing in the car park.
      • Maybe they like feeling small and insignificant when compared to the infinite space above and the ominous desert around them.
      • In the hot and humid summer months, air circulates below and throughout the living space above.
      • The echo here was very impressive and hinted of a very large space above.
      • Guests ate, drank and partied whilst being entertained by an array of fireworks in the skies above.
      • The light is falling on the sitter almost from the side and slightly above.
      • Light enters through a large hole in the starboard side of the hull above.
      • From time to time water in drips and flurries empties into the pool from a mechanism on the ceiling and we are able to observe the effect played out on the wall above.
      • Isolate the plants from the soil with a layer of peat moss above and below.
      • A safety diver hovered above and two guys were up top ready to haul me out if anything went awry.

    • 1.2(in heaven)

      the Lord above el Señor en las alturas
      • she waited for guidance from above esperó ser guiada desde lo alto

  • 2

    (in text)
    as shown above como se demostró anteriormente / más arriba
    • see above, page 43 véase página 43
  • 3

    all children of 11 and above todos los niños a partir de los 11 años
    • all parcels weighing 20 kg and above todos los paquetes que pesen 20 kg o más


  • 1

    for the above reasons por dichas razones
    • the above remarks las observaciones anteriores


  • 1

    (facts, text)
    lo anterior formal
  • 2

    dichas personas
    los susodichos formal, humorous