Translation of abrasive in Spanish:


abrasivo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈbreɪsɪv/ /əˈbreɪzɪv/


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    (powder) abrasivo
    (surface) áspero
    abrasive paper papel de lija
    • Nonetheless, any skin-care routine calls for a gentle cleanser - one that will not be abrasive to the skin.
    • It is abrasive to the skin and may provoke allergic reactions.
    • If the particles are not tiny enough, they will have an abrasive effect on the skin.
    • Oilier complexions have larger sebaceous glands, making the skin thicker and better able to tolerate a more abrasive scrub.
    • The young man's head was bandaged, disabling all of the most primal senses, save touch which now burned beneath the abrasive tethers on his wrists.
    • It was white, and pearly looking, but abrasive, as she found when she touched it.
    • The label is always of an artificial fabric - harsh, almost abrasive, to the touch.
    • The sand had subtle rosy hues and was very abrasive, sharp enough to cut if you kneeled on it.
    • They grew close enough together so that reaching from one to the next was never a problem, and the bark was just rough enough to offer a good grip without being abrasive.
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    (tone/manner) áspero
    (tone/manner) brusco
    (person) brusco y desagradable
    • The woman known for her sharp intellect and her incisive, sometimes abrasive, interviewing style had severe verbal difficulties after the accident.
    • You may have been dealing with illness in the family, but something tells me you would have been this abrasive, arrogant and lacking in self-awareness anyway.
    • Cashie was arrogant, abrupt and abrasive with the media at times.
    • His personal style was often abrasive, and he came close to being sacked by Eisenhower.
    • But, you wouldn't know by looking, because he's an abrasive, arrogant, off-kilter man trying to make his idiosyncratic way in academia.
    • Especially in the 1840s, the Piedmontese left, for its part, distrusted and despised Cavour whom they viewed as an arrogant and abrasive aristocratic conservative.
    • The younger woman is constantly worn down by the older woman's negativity, Mag's abrasive personality pushing her to increasingly desperate little acts of rebellion.
    • I am too subversive and eccentric for most of the people I work with to really like, and I am too sensitive to to take their abrasive personalities with gentle good humour.
    • Intelligence professionals described Mr. Murray as an abrasive person, difficult to work with, in their view.
    • Even so I seemed at every point of contact to be surrounded by abrasive people intent on disturbing my peace, my comfort, and my equable nature.
    • She's pushy, arrogant, obnoxious, unbelievably abrasive, and not nearly as cute as she thinks she is.
    • Unfortunately they can often be abrasive and overbearing personality types.
    • He/she doesn't debate the facts or the issues… he/she is just sarcastic and abrasive with no real contribution to the conversation.
    • These intimate letters introduce us to a man who's not only inordinately interesting, but also vain, funny, abrasive, sarcastic and courageous.
    • I not proud of it but I can be as abusive, as abrasive and as hurtful as the next imperfect being on life's assembly line.
    • There are several scenes which involve abrasive personal confrontation, which I felt were irrelevant, but presumably were introduced for fear of the film becoming cloying.
    • He denies nothing of his abrasive personality.
    • As I said before, I have a fairly abrasive personality which didn't exactly make me the most popular person.
    • They are impatient with people and can be abrasive.
    • He was a dispirited man, on the brink of destruction by the abrasive world of society and business.


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    abrasivo masculine