Translation of abrasively in Spanish:


ásperamente, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈbreɪsɪvli/ /əˈbreɪzɪvli/


  • 1

    (say/reply) ásperamente
    (say/reply) de modo brusco y desagradable
    • His voice has an elemental beauty - abrasively sexy one minute and angelic the next - that seems both totally of its time and yet is transcendent enough to speak intimately to every individual's situation.
    • In fact, Elmer Rice's 1923 expressionist satire seems abrasively modern in its attack on the dehumanising effect of industrial capitalism.
    • In short the man is setting out to do what the leader of the Opposition is supposed to do - he will oppose as abrasively and effectively as he can.
    • The musician in me won't let me tune out the abrasively bland songs coming out of the speaker above my head.
    • Quartz plates were cleaned abrasively and then soaked in a heated bath of sulfuric acid and chromic acid mixture for 15 to 20 min, followed by repeated washing with distilled H20 and ethanol.