Translation of absinthe in Spanish:


ajenjo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæbˌsɪnθ/ /ˈabsɪnθ/


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    ajenjo masculine
    • Kerrie admitted having drunk two shots of absinthe, a shot of vodka and a can of Stella Artois lager on the night in question.
    • But no one, not even the manufacturers, claim that this new French product is actual absinthe.
    • Lesser quality absinthe was made by adding plant extracts to lower grade alcohol.
    • Eventually, one evening, while sitting in the town's Café de la Gare, Van Gogh hurled a full glass of absinthe at Gauguin before breaking down and being carried home to bed.
    • The mint-green of Aberline's absinthe shows up in the color of the lanterns on the Ripper's carriage, among other touches.
    • If you send me absinthe I will write a song for you.
    • To help fuel this weekend marathon the museum offered special guided tours throughout the night and served absinthe in the cafe.
    • Oddly absinthe was never banned in the UK, though that fact was glossed over when absinthe was relaunched in Britain in December 1998.
    • Drinking absinthe supposedly made people murderous; that claim has been thoroughly disproved and it is now legal in Canada.
    • Last night I bought a bottle of absinthe that is 89.9% It has some extreme warnings on it!
    • Sadly, that too has disappeared from Montmartre as absinthe is still illegal in France, and public drunkenness on the scale of Lautrec's is no more.
    • But the reality was that absinthe usually dulled artistic creativity rather than enhanced it.
    • A French friend has given me a bottle of absinthe, with what looks like a flattened tea-strainer attached.
    • Jack quickly doused the cubes with some water and then waited until they dissolved and flowed into the absinth.
    • One of my classmates procured an excellent bottle of sweet Champagne, and after two or three glasses of this, I downed a double shot of absinth.
    • There is no absinth like Czech absinth they say.
    • This substance is used in the drink absinth which is renowned for its potentially hallucinogenic qualities.
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    ajenjo masculine
    absintio masculine