Translation of abstemious in Spanish:


sobrio, adj.

Pronunciation /əbˈstimiəs/ /əbˈstiːmɪəs/


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    • Dalton was said to be abstemious but did indulge in a game of bowls on a Thursday.
    • There is no evidence, however, that a single drinking bout in an otherwise abstemious person will lead to pancreatitis.
    • I considered a 48 hour fast, however decided that any gain that would be attained from this abstemious behaviour would be completely off-set by the onslaught of DT's that this effort would inevitably induce.
    • Judged alongside their abstemious Anglo-Saxon counterparts, they were seen as unruly, belligerent and not to be relied on, a slur that was extended to generations through media distortion and police discrimination.
    • My main support now is Phil, an abstemious, Welsh dancer who seems quite pleased that I share one of his lifestyle choices.
    • There is a trend for alcohol limits to become tighter - a trend more related to the increasing sobriety of the wider political climate than to the emergence of epidemiological evidence justifying a more abstemious policy.
    • However, it was the abstemious Chartist family, the Cranstons, who really put the coffee houses' adversaries, the Glasgow tea rooms, on the map in the 1890s.
    • There's still the same warm smile and shock of black hair, and there's clearly something to be said for her abstemious lifestyle for she looks a decade younger than it says on her birth certificate.
    • A close family member confirmed that she lived a fairly simple and abstemious life, and spent some years in a nursing home before her death in May 1998.
    • Robinson, famed for his Christian beliefs and his abstemious lifestyle, also found time to have lunch with his mother, who still lives in Leeds.
    • In personality they were frugal, abstemious, shrewd, accumulative, and solitary.
    • Taylor portrays Hitler as a sour, arrogant, abstemious spoilsport and friend to small animals.
    • I would follow the same abstemious regime, but unlike him I don't have an accommodating housekeeper.
    • New England in the 19th century was the apex of conformity: staid, stuffy and abstemious.
    • The bill for our relatively abstemious meal worked out, with a tip, at nearly 40 leva a head.
    • Both were abstemious by nature, but knew how to enjoy themselves and were interesting company.
    • Left to my own devices, I am an abstemious person, as innocent as a baby and jaw-droppingly naive.
    • When he sits down to celebrate his 40th birthday next Wednesday, this most abstemious of professionals can raise a glass to himself and genuinely declare he could not have done any more or any better.
    • Josiah Harlan was a pacifist, abstemious Pennsylvania Quaker stricken with a profound case of wanderlust.
    • He took seriously his pledge made at the outset of the war that he would live a frugal and abstemious existence as long as the war lasted.