Translation of absurdly in Spanish:


de manera absurda, adv.

Pronunciation /əbˈsərdli/ /æbˈsərdli/ /əbˈzərdli/ /æbˈzərdli/ /əbˈsəːdli/


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    (behave) de manera absurda
    (expensive/generous/complicated) ridículamente
    (expensive/generous/complicated) absurdamente
    • This list wasn't originally intended for a quiz so some are absurdly easy and others impossibly hard.
    • The contempt and indifference for her own child, which she continually voices, is absurdly unbelievable.
    • It also sets an absurdly high standard of perfection for market performance.
    • He scowled, pretending anger to make up for the insane urge to grin absurdly.
    • Pudding was another matter altogether, and as someone with an absurdly sweet tooth, this was a genuine treat.
    • But the charge wouldn't stick, and when I protested, they did me, absurdly, for drunk driving.
    • We had, vainly and absurdly, tried to unroll the garden hose.
    • And the writing is so pithy, so good at capturing the absurdly poignant with linguistic economy.
    • I don't doubt that I'll find it more engaging, because when Chinese movies are funny, they are absurdly funny.
    • Next, a new administration should tackle the city's absurdly high business taxes.
    • Still more, like Mustique and Palm Island, are absurdly luxurious.
    • But this absurdly picturesque square also poses our first major dilemma: which of the four bars to choose?
    • It's incoherent, absurdly argued, poorly written and precious beyond words.
    • Great use of sound, lighting and camera angles draw you in to this absurdly eerie little shaggy-dog story.
    • I dropped off the prints at Mark's absurdly tidy and trendy flat.
    • Instead of greater freedom, what results is absurdly long workdays in stressful environments.
    • They tend not to be so absurdly competitive, they're more realistic and, I'd thought, more empathic.
    • It is an oddity of the Internet that you type in a request and an absurdly large number of ‘hits’ are recorded.
    • It has become absurdly easy to frame whatever group is supposed to take the blame for an atrocity.
    • That, too, was absurdly crowded, not least because of a rare live appearance from, yes, Lily Savage.
    • His legs took a few tentative steps into the room, the sound of his boots on the soft wood absurdly loud in his ears.
    • I must confess, however, I'm finding the terror cycle an absurdly entertaining piece of global sport.
    • He isn't a decent offensive option - he's shooting 43.3 percent for his career, absurdly low for a center.
    • Carpenter thinks the cramps were a result of dehydration on an absurdly hot October day.
    • The answer, like the question, is absurdly simple.
    • Investment in search system design is already absurdly low.
    • Today the rockets that we use to get from earth into space are absurdly expensive.
    • An absurdly overvalued dollar is making imports hypercompetitive.
    • We find such comments absurdly discriminatory in nature.
    • And second, the pension deficit is absurdly high.
    • Looking back, the designation appears and sounds absurdly portentous.
    • I rock back and forth, clutching myself with my arms, feeling absurdly empty.
    • They all look like plastic action figures with bulging muscles for the male characters and absurdly exaggerated upper bodies for the female characters.
    • Republican-dominated legislatures and election officials have adopted absurdly difficult registration rules.
    • Last year was little better, with little overtaking and an absurdly low attrition rate which saw only five cars fail to finish.
    • A very useful trick - and absurdly simple, too - is to notice when the defender looks away from his man.
    • The government has put the figure at 60,000 people, though industry analysts say that is absurdly low.
    • So unpopular has their botched plan become that not a single force met the absurdly short deadline.
    • In fact, he is so good that I have gotten absurdly tongue-tied both times I've met him in the last month or so.
    • I am irritated but not surprised at how absurdly positive the portrayal of these changes has been in the mainstream media.