Translation of abundance in Spanish:


abundancia, n.

Pronunciation /əˈbəndəns/ /əˈbʌnd(ə)ns/


  • 1

    abundancia feminine
    an abundance of sth abundancia de algo
    • Like Yosemite it has nature in abundance with mountains, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife plus a crashing ocean close by.
    • There was help in abundance with Mayo Mountain Rescue being joined by a number of teams from around the country.
    • Well, in the mountains of Nagano there are two things in abundance: ski slopes and onsens (or baths fuelled by hot springs).
    • You'll find it in abundance back in Aarhus, which has hosted a festival every year since 1965 to celebrate love and human relationships.
    • Not a perfect debut, but clearly the potential is here in abundance, and Santana, at just 19, has plenty of time to realize it.
    • In addition, mule deer and bobcat are in abundance on the course, and a mountain lion makes infrequent visits every year or so.
    • A good concept, with loads of teenage energy in abundance, this is a band you should keep at least one eye on… just in case they get famous.
    • The second Riot Girl London zine has talent and intelligence in abundance.
    • Conditions were favourable and the number of choice spots in southern Canada stretching from Manitoba to central Quebec allowed wild rice to grow naturally in abundance every year.
    • The agricultural district, in which rice and watermelons and fruits and vegetables were grown in abundance, suddenly discovered a new, lucrative alternative crop.
    • The Grandparents Day was observed in the school to honour senior family members who showered experience, patience and unstinting love on their grandchildren in abundance.
    • Staphylococcus - a germ species most commonly associated with nose-picking - was found in abundance on steering wheels and driver's seats.
    • In a well-contested encounter which contained goalmouth thrills in abundance, the Tireragh side were deserving winners as they showed a very high workrate all through.
    • Show officials, stewards, judges and workers were in abundance and the hands-on people could easily be recognised by their mucky boots and ill-fitting, handed down bowler hats.
    • What I did find, however, were many clothing and footwear establishments that cater mainly for young people - especially for women, for whom choice would appear to be in abundance.
    • Yet there were evils in abundance which could not be put down to a consequence of human sin.
    • Every trait I felt I lacked, they had in abundance.
    • Now, the flip side of the heartbreaking stories we've had to bring you in abundance this week are the breathtaking stories of survival.
    • If it's tranquillity you're after, the Spanish countryside has it in abundance, though if you don't have a good water source or a connection to the electricity grid, life can become a struggle.
    • That's a tremendous trait in a team and they had it in abundance in the last few minutes.
  • 2literary

    abundancia feminine
    we live surrounded by abundance vivimos en la abundancia
    • Lighting a lamp in a house is believed to bring prosperity, plenty and abundance to the family.
    • Regardless of whether the scene is set in the seventeenth, eighteenth, or early nineteenth century prosperity and abundance are constants in these images.
    • Unlike their parents, who lived through the hardships of the Depression, these baby boomers have known only abundance, prosperity and upward mobility.
    • In Chinese and Vietnamese cultures, the pig represents prosperity and abundance.
    • Other foods include a whole fish to represent togetherness and abundance, and a chicken for prosperity.
    • The Internet has now delivered us into an era of unprecedented artistic abundance and the promise of direct connectivity between artists and their audience.
    • At a time which promised financial abundance and security we find ourselves, depressed, stressed, suicidal, darker and heavier than ever before.
    • The dramatic colours, earthy abundance and fruitful generosity accentuate the passionate spirit that is essentially Corsican.
    • This is a land of abundance with a wealth of spirit and in spiritual terms we have been forced to make mudpies and eat the soulless cardboard package.
    • The Christmas tree is included in the exhibition as a symbol of fruitfulness and abundance in the house.
    • For them there is a new life of forgiveness, peace, beauty and abundance from here to eternity.
    • We live in an age of unprecedented wealth and abundance yet we have never been as unhappy.
    • The abundance, colour and contentment of Autumn reflect the magnificence of our God so what better time to stop, reflect and pray?
    • Jupiter ruling the eclipse indicates peace, prosperity, fertility, happiness and abundance.
    • What remains in the Waning West is a poignant landscape rich in local meanings, a reminder of a past that never quite produced sustained material abundance.
    • In the midst of luxury, abundance, and indeed waste, what can be our proper response when confronted with the poverty Kapuscinski describes?
    • Well, Schwartz believes that such abundance robs us of contentment.
    • While it has cured diseases and produced abundance, it has also created pollution and nuclear weapons.
    • White is for purity and red signifies abundance and fertility.
    • We say it takes money to make money; Paul says it takes poverty to produce abundance.
    • It only takes one day for us to get our garden in, which is a small sacrifice considering the abundance it provides not only in food but in the sense of accomplishment as the harvest comes in.