Translation of abundant in Spanish:


abundante, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈbəndənt/ /əˈbʌnd(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (reserves/resources/harvest) abundante
    (enthusiasm) desbordante
    (evidence/proof) abundante
    she has abundant energy tiene energías de sobra
    • This allows the animal maximum use of the abundant grass supply available all summer.
    • Why, I asked, when the evidence was so abundant, did the trail appear to have gone cold?
    • There is also abundant evidence for increased volcanic activity during the Little Ice Age.
    • The anecdotal evidence is abundant and its use by top athletes suggests that it definitely has a role to play.
    • The restaurants are packed with people, wine is readily available, goods are in abundant supply.
    • In fact, it's a diverse land of stunning scenery, generous nomads and abundant wildlife.
    • It is a shame to write with such abundant style and yet offer so little evidence of thought.
    • The undergrowth and the weed will be at its heaviest and the natural food available to the fish will be at its most abundant.
    • In the rivers of East Anglia, more chub were found in stretches of river with abundant overhead cover.
    • The area has an abundant supply of rivers, varying in size, but none of them small!
    • The taste of the okra stood out even among its abundant and pleasing seasoning.
    • Bird life is abundant, but the number and variety of butterflies is extraordinary.
    • In addition to the mining sector, the province also has abundant marine resources.
    • Continental Europe has endured freezing temperatures and abundant snowfall.
    • The overall tone is a muted greenish grey, picked out by the stone statue of the Madonna and the abundant foliage.
    • The setting is beautiful, the wildlife surprisingly abundant, and there is an excellent spa.
    • Wouldn't it be great if kiwi, takahe and other native birds could one day be that abundant?
    • In the late 1700s, the abundant seaweed or kelp provided an important source of income.
    • They liked Perigord for its warmth and abundant vineyards and found one they considered perfect.
    • It's all about prosperity, abundant free time, permissive traffic laws and cheap gas.