Translation of abyss in Spanish:


abismo, n.

Pronunciation /əˈbɪs/

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    abismo masculine
    on the edge of the abyss al borde del abismo
    • It sets these individuals on a separate plane, creating an unnatural abyss between the organizer and the people for whom one works.
    • And all the while people suffer, the abyss between rich and poor yawns, and exploitation continues as the bitterest fact of everyday life.
    • Admittedly, there is a huge abyss between thought and words.
    • The abyss between the generic business and the tight, small world of the famous classified growths is vast.
    • There is an abyss between such rhetoric and the world we actually live in, an abyss called power.
    • Like Ignatieff, McEwan explores the abyss between middle-class lives shrouded in material comfort and the demands of sudden human suffering.
    • Personally, there was a huge abyss between father and son.
    • Sideways will speak to anyone who has ever thought themselves a bit of a failure or gazed into the abyss between the mountain of their ambitions and the slag heap of their actual achievements.
    • These conditions create the possibility for a new political force to arise quickly and fill the abyss between the ruling regime and popular aspirations.
    • There is, at first glance, an abyss between saying that one has had an experience of God and trusting that one can experience God in one's life.
    • These valuations have opened an abyss between person and person over which an Achilles of free thought could not leap, shutter how he may.
    • This created the abyss between the real world and the supernal world.
    • Although there is an abyss of difference between the means of the two campaigns, there are also a few notable similarities.
    • The cultural abyss had grown too wide to be crossed using traditional methods.
    • The result, when successful, is a welcome bridging of the sometimes yawning abyss between writer and critic.
    • There remains an abyss between man and God, but this abyss inspires wonder and praise.
    • The abyss of ethnographic otherness has been momentarily bridged.
    • An abyss separates those who have served and sacrificed their blood for our freedom and those of us who have reaped the benefit.
    • There are 170 miles and an abyss of sectarianism separating Glasgow and Inverness.
    • In the late twentieth century, this schism would finally open into an abyss.