Translation of academia in Spanish:


mundo académico, n.

Pronunciation /ˌækəˈdimiə/ /ˌakəˈdiːmɪə/


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    mundo académico masculine
    • Youth is a rare species, and much loved - as much by art and academia as by market research.
    • If medical academia is to flourish research and education must be given equal weight.
    • Similar influences are at work in the arts, education, academia and especially in the sphere of politics.
    • How did a man who had no experience in academia get to be president of the college?
    • I am a woman in science; should I expect to encounter sexism in my pursuit of academia?
    • The way to resolve this is to return education to academia and educational experts.
    • Is there a purpose to academia other than the education of a proportion of the population, and if so what?
    • I have traversed five years of university to decide that academia is my probable vocation.
    • The book ranges over countless topics, from the share market to academia to rail gauges.
    • The low numbers of these graduates in academia reflects the worldwide unpopularity of academic medicine.
    • Her interest in academia began with studies through the Open University.
    • She stresses that it is crucial for women in academia to concentrate on their research.
    • So he returned to academia, to the famous university of Cambridge to study Global Politics.
    • Communities love to claim the achievers in sports and academia, the artists, and the good kids.
    • Does perhaps the ridiculing of an area of academia bring the whole intellectual community into disrepute?
    • Do not rely on them for landing that assistant professor job, or anything else in academia.
    • Instead, academia sometimes draws criticism for apparently doing research for its own sake.
    • We also need to create state run research organisations which partner with academia and industry.
    • I took a stroll across the university campus, a compact woodland grove of academia.
    • My eventual entry into university and the to the margins of academia was much more circuitous.