Translation of academic year in Spanish:

academic year

año académico, n.


  • 1

    (in universities) año académico masculine
    (in schools) año escolar masculine
    • It's unlikely you'll find out your re-mark grade before the beginning of the academic year in September.
    • BBC News Online will catch up with the Sussex University students again at the end of the academic year.
    • Writing in the summer, he devotes the academic year primarily to teaching and service.
    • The campus was full with students beginning their academic years.
    • Geoffroy also will speak about the academic year ahead and his goals for the university.
    • At the start of the academic year, student teams are assigned disease states to map.
    • Over the course of the last academic year up to 16 students participated in the programme.
    • A few schools are realizing the significant limitations of having only six academic years to educate a pharmacy student.
    • The beginning of the academic year is an opportune time to reflect on education and its role in society.
    • The Wife's son, Gregory, had been enrolled at York University during the last academic year.
    • Bloom had agreed to continue to perform his duties until the end of the current academic year, the university said.
    • The university has an exciting academic year ahead of it, with a range of innovative projects and new courses on offer for students.
    • With only three weeks until the academic year begins, some teacher training colleges are less than half full.
    • The academic year began in autumn 2001 with warnings of an exodus of teachers from the classroom.
    • If they fail to pay within the next six weeks they will be absented from university for the full academic year.
    • Universities are loathe to delay the academic year's start and schools don't believe exams could be taken earlier.
    • Volunteer mentors and mentees with similar goals would be paired for an academic year.
    • They are timed to fit most appropriately with your child's education, so could be held at any time during the academic year.
    • The new academic year will also be a tense year for teachers and students.
    • The change has been made as the school starts the new academic year as a specialist sports college.