Translation of academy in Spanish:


academia, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkædəmi/ /əˈkadəmi/

nounplural academies

  • 1

    academia feminine
    military/police academy academia militar/de policía
    • academy of art escuela de bellas artes
    • academy of music conservatorio
    • After graduation, I was accepted into the police academy's six-month training program to become an officer.
    • All three graduated from the police academy at Yuba County Community College.
    • Smithson argues that fire and police academies should offer this training.
    • Tony Blair has formally opened a training academy for teachers known as the Sandhurst for teachers.
    • Members of the Homeless Power Project also have met with police recruits at the training academy and at some precincts.
    • In fact he became a police recruit, joining the force and training at an academy in North Wales.
    • He may have shunned the British academies for a training school in Barcelona, where he has honed his skills as a clay court exponent rather than a grass aficionado, but he still counts British No 1, Henman, as a role model.
    • We see a class at the police academy that behaves like a bunch of high school kids.
    • Many of the youngsters graduated from tennis academies rather than high schools, and they're not the best conversationalists.
    • The day she graduated from high school, she signed up for the police academy.
    • It's not like she goes to the police academy to train and prepare herself for things like this.
    • The victim was a 24-year-old recent graduate of a police academy that has received support and guidance from coalition forces.
    • Rookie cops graduate from the police academy anxious to collar real criminals.
    • After I graduated from college, I entered the police academy.
    • During the year the academy will provide training support for the athletes including the use of biokinetics and a course in special nutrition to enhance the athletes' performances.
    • He went to Florida January 2, still limping badly, to focus on the NFL by working out and living at a training academy owned by the IMG agency.
    • In the training academy, I'll be running five miles a day.
    • The long days studying in class and endless hours of physical training at the academy paid off in ways Richard had probably never imagined.
    • The academy has vigorous training and fitness programmes.
    • President Bush delivered the commencement address at the Air Force academy today.