Translation of acanthus in Spanish:


acanto, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkænθəs/ /əˈkanθəs/

nounplural acanthuses, plural acanthi

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    acanto masculine
    • Then our patch: some of it is paved, there is a frog pond, a fig tree, acanthus, bamboo and cranesbill.
    • Planted beneath it, and in the matching raised bed across the runnel, is a collection of bold and textural plants such as abutilon, acanthus, agapanthus, and Tasmanian tree fern.
    • Spray artichokes, cynara carduncularus, achillea, lavender, hydrangea, acanthus and eryngiums with snow, glitter or metallic paints available from DIY shops.
    • Abutilon, acanthus, and nandina provide a back-drop, and double impatiens and coleus add seasonal color.
    • We took an acanthus flower from a popular Georgian wallpaper design and blew it up so large that a single flower filled an entire wall.
    • The leaves of the acanthus are so famously handsome and glossy that their blue flower spike is almost an afterthought.
    • Given the backdrop of ferns, hostas and the wooden acanthus leaves, this is an excellent way to bring back into the garden what would otherwise be a slightly shady thoroughfare.
    • Many featured floral and botanical patterns, often the lily or the acanthus leaf.
    • One thinks of the acanthus, or bamboo, or (in Tibet), the tiger skin.
    • Some plant species can regenerate from seemingly unpromisingly small fragments (as I know from moving an acanthus in my garden).
    • Many wildflowers in the habitat belong to the acanthus family, including branched foldwing, Carolina scalystem, Carolina wild petunia, loose-flower water willow, and swamp twinflower.
    • Like those of the eighteenth century, these ‘flowers and leaves’ were variations on irises, carnations, roses, and acanthus.
    • Beyond the pane, a duller gleaming, drooping green acanthus leaves, symbol once, in Christian art, of heaven, before that, classic curlicue of Greek and Roman art and architecture.
    • Along with the box - real and otherwise - are large terracotta pots of Chusan palms and acanthus, which can be moved around according to whim.