Translation of acceleration in Spanish:


aceleración, n.

Pronunciation /ækˌsɛləˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /əksɛləˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    aceleración feminine
    • The Ford exhaust system will improve your vehicle's acceleration and passing power, and at the same, help improve its fuel mileage.
    • One of the terms used in estimating the clearance time of the heavy vehicle is its average acceleration in starting gear.
    • This £50,440 model has amazing acceleration for a car of its size and engine type, as well as an impressive ride quality and surprisingly nimble handling.
    • Mr. Lalan says that sudden stoppage of the vehicle and sudden acceleration are not advisable.
    • No compromises on acceleration, towing capacity, cargo space, fuel economy, or emissions.
    • To this day, the combination of acceleration, dynamic performance and braking power offered by the current 911 Turbo continues to set the model apart from its peers.
    • We've learnt at The Sunday Times never to take manufacturers' claims for top speed and acceleration at face value.
    • In the rarefied world of supercars the only way to go is up: more power, quicker acceleration, higher top speed.
    • They have pace, speed, acceleration, penetration, and that priceless asset, mobility.
    • The difference in acceleration and top speeds make it like comparing Del boy's Reliant van with a Ferrari.
    • I looked expectantly at the speedo, thinking the sheer luxury of the vehicle was masking the sensation of speed and acceleration that must surely be happening all around it.
    • We spent some time testing out the motor, checking idle speed, acceleration, different speeds and trim and then stopped for lunch.
    • There was just more power, more acceleration, more speed and more of that amazing noise.
    • We run very closely-spaced gear ratios to maximise the car's acceleration, and this means the ratio between engine speed and car speed is higher than at a more normal circuit.
    • In city driving, nearly 50 percent of the energy needed to power your car goes to acceleration.
    • But after just a minute of acceleration, it would be able to top out any vehicle ever built.
    • When batteries become significantly low, the unit limits top speed and acceleration to alert the operator to drive the vehicle to a charging location.
    • A spokesman for Shell said tests on 37 cars on the British market found most showed benefits in acceleration and power, and one in eight customers was now buying Optimax.
    • And yet the Charade's plucky 1.0 litre engine will deliver you the fastest acceleration and the best maximum speed available in this class of car.
    • In older powerful cars the job of achieving maximum acceleration without losing traction was down to the driver, but today it is managed by the traction control system.