Traducción de accented en Español:


acentuado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈækˌsɛn(t)əd/ /ˈaksɛntɪd/

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    (letter/character) acentuado
    • ‘You could say these movies show the limited imagination of the screenwriter,’ he says, speaking quickly in heavily accented English that is actually far better than he claims it is.
    • If the clerk at the Swiss bank was surprised to answer the phone to a gruff, Middle Eastern sounding man speaking in heavily accented English, she did not show it.
    • She waxes eloquent in accented English while he speaks chaste Urdu.
    • A slight woman of 37, she trembles and tears fill her eyes as she speaks in accented English about the end of her family's life in America.
    • In a smooth and elegantly accented voice he spoke out to me.
    • Her voice was accented, but she spoke the common tongue well enough.
    • He began to speak in a deeply accented, yet flawless English, and the last bits of conversation died from the room.
    • A lilting, deeply accented voice spoke quietly, yet it cut right through the buzz of conversation around them.
    • He put a basket of warm breadsticks on the table, and he began to speak in a heavily accented voice.
    • While she still speaks an accented Hindi, she is more confident in her speeches and is not shy of meeting the media.
    • There are some characters in the movie who speak with heavy Jamaican accents or in heavily accented slang that I found hard to understand at times.
    • She speaks haltingly in a soft, thickly accented voice (she emigrated from Israel in 1984).
    • The woman had spoken to him in heavily accented English.
    • I lifted my head, surprised to hear someone speak English to me, even though it was heavily accented.
    • His English was heavily accented and not easy to understand, but still we spent the most wonderful hour discussing his work.
    • ‘Yes,’ Orhan answered in his richly accented English.
    • ‘Very… special… sausage,’ he says in deliberate, broken, heavily accented English.
    • ‘Please be good,’ the teacher begs in accented English.
    • ‘I wasn't looking at you,’ she said, with a hint of condescension in her heavily accented voice, and proceeded to hand over her sandwiches to the till woman, who had not yet given me my change.
    • He was replaced by a boozy singer-guitarist who announced in heavily accented French that he was a purveyor of Irish love ballads, then blithely launched into Leonard Cohen's Sisters of Mercy.
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