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aceptar, v.

Pronunciación /əkˈsɛpt/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (receive willingly)
    (gift/invitation/award/job) aceptar
    (credit card/check) aceptar
    they accepted him into their circle lo admitieron / aceptaron en su círculo
    • Each individual job seeker approaches the job search in unique ways, so too will each one of you use your personal approach to accepting a job offer.
    • He was delighted when Edinburgh Council agreed to accept the nativity scene sculpture and to display it in such a prominent position.
    • For me, that moment was walking up the steps to the podium to accept the World Cup at home in Paris.
    • Finally, she meets her secret friend face-to-face, accepts the book and thanks him for all he has done for David.
    • I accepted the gift from him after being sure he had gotten permission to give it away.
    • Donations were accepted on behalf of the bereaved.
    • He has recently accepted a position as campaign manager for a candidate for United States senate.
    • He worked there from 1981 to 1983 before accepting a position with Old Austin Country Club, where he worked until 1986.
    • Dr. D, a young psychiatrist living with bipolar illness, had just accepted a faculty position in town.
    • In April 2000 Popa accepted a position with the City of Birmingham Gymnastics Club.
    • The Gillow bookcases in the Billiard Room were also accepted in lieu of tax.
    • Most of my graduating students in science are having an uphill battle getting a job, and many are accepting positions they would not have considered five years ago.
    • Jane accepts the position gratefully, even though it is monotonous, poor and obscure.
    • Some employees feel coerced into accepting a supervisory position that they are not ready to fill-one reason being the higher compensation that accompanies it.
    • For the next three years she oversaw the Czech Republic's developmental team, eventually accepting a coaching position in Florida.
    • Before accepting the faculty position, he also had worked with Sharpe for 12 years at Skidmore.
    • In accepting the position, he told the Board that he had at long last made his dearly departed mother very proud.
    • She wanted to wait a year before accepting the position, so she could have time to be home with her baby.
    • I accepted the position with one caveat: I wanted to have the blessing of my company and of the people I work for here.
    • She accepted the position, and two years later, she took over as manager of the OR at the hospital's city campus.
    • The proposal was accepted and a policy was issued by Powell on behalf of the Defendants.
    • If he accepts the proposal, the NIU would be left with only nine members and would lose its status as a group.
    • The type of train system - the options include elevated, ground, monorail, light rail - would be decided before accepting proposals, he said.
    • O'Halloran also expressed anger at UnionsWA for meekly accepting the new proposals.
    • It accepted a proposal from the Roads and Docks Committee.
    • I'd be interested to learn why so few merger proposals are accepted.
    • His business proposal was accepted and he and his Spanish-based partner have invested more than 1m to kick-start that market.
    • However, that proposal was not accepted by the Government either.
    • The proposal was accepted unanimously, as it was a few days later at the general International Socialist Congress.
    • Sports Minister John O'Donoghue has accepted a proposal to build Athy's new swimming pool on a green field site.
    • The Council accepted BWG's proposal and a group of interested parties and individuals was set up.
    • The proposals accepted by South Ayrshire Council in February include a casino, multiplex cinema and houses.
    • Villagers have been warned they could lose their church if controversial phone mast proposals are not accepted.
    • There is no difficulty here and we do not intend to accept that proposal.
    • Initially, employees refused to accept the government's proposal, claiming there was a lack of guarantees.
    • Labour sources have indicated they are likely to accept the proposals for free dental checks as part of a larger package to improve dental healthcare.
    • He said the union had no option but to accept the company's proposals.
    • They tell farmers that we should accept the proposals because the WTO cuts are going to happen anyway.
    • A month ago, the company gave staff a month to accept proposals which are aimed at achieving cost savings.
    • He also urged councillors to accept the proposals for new special schools, which would also bring new primary schools.
    • Other American students who have not yet been accepted to college use a gap year specifically to build their resumes.
    • He's just going through the motions, like a high school senior who's already been accepted to college.
    • Katie Charing, currently on a gap year, has been accepted into Somerville College, Oxford to study English.
    • But for children of farmers in China, it is not easy to be accepted to college for higher education.
    • You know, how your big sis worked really hard and finally got accepted by the college of her dreams?
    • On finishing secondary school I was accepted for agricultural college.
    • Somehow or another I managed to get the right combination of honours and passes to be accepted at college.
    • We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Spellstones College of Sorcery and Witchcraft.
    • He had been accepted to a good college somewhere in Florida and would be leaving in a few short months to get settled into a dorm.
    • But now, the only thing that matters is that I've been accepted into Boston College and now I can relax for a bit.
    • You've been accepted into the best college and you're not going?
    • She was accepted into the Aksorn College of Technology for a diploma course in Business Computing.
    • If he wants to accept Visa charge cards, that's the cut Higgins must forfeit.
    • Accepted everywhere Visa is accepted so the recipient can buy exactly what they want.
    • Use the cash cards at stores where Visa is accepted, on-line and at ATMs.
    • All with the convenience of a card that has your name on it and is accepted anywhere they accept Visa.
    • The number can be used from anywhere in the world, when dealing with any merchant who accepts Visa.
    • However, official statistics show that there are just 3107 locations that accept Visa cards in Bulgaria.
    • Other Faculties, notably Arts and Science, did not limit numbers so much as accept any student who met certain criteria.
    • He may not accept Visa or Mastercard, but his service and efficiency is priceless.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (argument/theory) aceptar
      (evidence) aceptar
      (evidence) admitir
      (explanation/apology) aceptar
      it is accepted practice in this sort of case es la práctica establecida en este tipo de casos
      • the accepted wisdom is that … la opinión de los que saben es que …
      • For my part I would accept those propositions as broadly correct.
      • He accepts the proposition that he instinctively warms to people he perceives as battlers against the system.
      • Yet if we accept the proposition that we live in a global economy, we need to consider how we're going to make our voices heard.
      • To believe that, one would have to accept the premise that forests need loggers in order to thrive.
      • Berkeley believes that this premise is accepted by all the modern philosophers.
      • Only in the last four or five years has that idea been recognized and accepted by other museums, the architect pointed out.
      • She accepted this as a correct empirical finding.
      • Professional practice may change over time so that what was once accepted as the correct procedure is no longer considered to be respectable or responsible.
      • Gloucester believed the tale and accepted the ‘miracle’ as a sign that he was meant to live.
      • Kekulé's theory was not entirely correct but was accepted for many years.
      • In spite of this obvious contradiction the time paradox was enthusiastically accepted.
      • With a swift nod Hope accepted this as correct and began to help Faith once more.
      • I am entitled to speak to an audience who I know accepts my fundamental premises.
      • This goes against all accepted principles of counselling.
      • We also want a system that is based on sound principles accepted by the broad community.
      • Our word of caution to the aspirants is to accept that the positions of Member of Parliament are limited and there can only be one person at a time.
      • And as he prepares to return to former club Cambridge United tomorrow, the 33-year-old accepts City are reaching a vital period in their campaign.
      • Judge Paul Hoffman accepted Lane was ‘a thoroughly decent young man’ with no previous convictions until the accident.
      • His ideas have not been widely accepted in London.
      • It is now widely accepted that CO2 emission is a kind of pollution.

    • 2.2(recognize)

      I accept your right to refuse reconozco que tienes derecho a negarte
      • I accept that there is room for improvement reconozco que podría mejorarse
      • do you accept that you were wrong? ¿reconoces / admites que estabas equivocado?
      • He accepted their silence tolerantly and moved in to stand beside Kaezik.
      • We're not accepting or tolerating homophobia, xenophobia, racism, any of that.
      • Many things that were not to be tolerated in a civilised society in 1968 are now accepted - if not always welcomed.
      • As Americans now contemplate the road ahead, they need to accept three unpleasant facts.
      • To what extent then, as a country and people, are we prepared to accept and tolerate shamelessness in public life?
      • Buddhism first asks us not only to see the momentary and suffering character of the world, but also to have tolerance in accepting suffering as natural and not negative.
      • In the 10 ½ years that he's been in jail, he hasn't once moaned - he's accepted his sentence.
      • But this social system is paid for with much higher taxes than I believe would be accepted in the United States.
      • It has to be accepted that cannabis is widely used and is seen by many as relatively harmless.
      • After a while, she sort of grudgingly accepts him, and their relationship provides much of the comic relief in the series.
      • Indications are the weapons inspectors will be accepted but hardly welcomed when they arrive Monday in Baghdad.

  • 3

    (situation/misfortune) aceptar
    to accept the inevitable aceptar lo inevitable

verbo intransitivo

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