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aceptación, n.

Pronunciación /əkˈsɛptəns/ /əkˈsɛpt(ə)ns/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(of offer, responsibility, job)

      aceptación femenino
      • Typically courteous, he began his acceptance speech by offering copious thanks to all and sundry.
      • The commentary was her acceptance speech upon receiving the American Psychological Society's William James Fellow Award.
      • While Dr Mullins has received irrevocable acceptances of his offer from shareholders, owning 36% of the company, it is now considered a near certainty that the buyout will fail.
      • Seniors are receiving their acceptance letters; the hallways are a daily scene of impromptu celebrations and rounds of hugs.
      • Brad had received his acceptance letter earlier that month.
      • A week before we were set to leave, Jake had received his acceptance letter to a baseball camp in New York.
      • The company was also going after talent in rival services outfits, said Livermore, and was getting an 80% acceptance rate to offers it was making.
      • You have a letter and you have the apparent acceptance of the offer made in the letter by the employees turning up.
      • The letter of intent was not a binding contract; it was not an offer capable of acceptance; nor did any event which followed the letter of intent constitute a binding contract between the parties.
      • The university arranged to interview me in Toronto at this seminar and after what I could only call a 10-minute informal chat, I was given an offer of acceptance then and there.
      • The deadline for acceptance of the offer is Thursday afternoon, but both sides have claimed they have the upper hand in a takeover battle which is becoming increasingly bitter.
      • If there is an 80% acceptance of the offer by GV shareholders, the takeover should be finalised by the end of September.
      • While the unions representing them have broadly welcomed the packages offered and advised acceptance, the workers believe it is simply not good enough.
      • Thus, their acceptance of those offers certainly did not mean, as Mr. Lister implied, that those parents no longer wanted a place at St. George's Prep.
      • Manchester United's acceptance of an offer from Barcelona will go down in history as the moment Beckham's career on the field hit skid row.
      • Attorney General John Ashcroft received an honorary doctorate from and delivered his acceptance speech at BJU in May 1999.
      • Bowling for Columbine was already a success before it won the Oscar for best documentary, but the award - and Moore's controversial acceptance speech - gave the film an extra bounce.
      • This year she told the crowd that she had just realized her dress was completely see-through; she spent the rest of her acceptance speech with her legs firmly together.
      • Dick was quite moved, and in his acceptance speech he named all the people who had helped make his dream come true.
      • I know people hate long acceptance speeches, especially from ‘nobodies.’

    • 1.2(of authority, decision)

      aceptación femenino
      this does not imply our acceptance of your terms eso no implica que aceptemos sus condiciones
      • In our age, the term has become almost synonymous with an irrational acceptance of beliefs for which we lack evidence.
      • ‘Due to the very favourable acceptance of the idea by the French people, the holiday is now celebrated all over the world,’ said Venkova.
      • ‘Very good, that one,’ he reiterates his acceptance of my ideas.
      • This kind of non-critical acceptance of a belief system is especially a feature of the three monotheistic religions.
      • But on the North Shore, acceptance of the idea is slow in coming.
      • His ideas only found wider acceptance 300 years after his death, when Confucianism was declared a state religion during the Han Dynasty.
      • There are the same paradoxes with rejection of some Western ideas and acceptance of others.
      • Underlying these explanations is an acceptance of the foundational ideas of the Antigonish Movement.
      • However the cause of his suicide may have been wrongly attributed to the lack of acceptance of his ideas.
      • Today, acceptance of ideas of supernatural causality is more common among women, while some men, particularly those with party or military backgrounds, reject such ideas.
      • But these new ideas only gained acceptance when improved observational facilities allowed astronomers to begin making reliable estimates of the distances to and motions of galaxies.
      • If Sonntag is right, the average acceptance of these beliefs should be the same between groups of students from scientific versus humanistic studies.
      • What this passage illustrates is not only the possibility, but the general acceptance, of the idea that language is separate from identity.
      • Some studies have focused on the influence of the academic background of participants on their acceptance of belief in paranormal phenomena.
      • Morgan seemed to consider what she said, and eventually he nodded in acceptance of her explanation, causing Milanehey to sigh in relief.
      • This also permitted the unbiased acceptance of new ideas.
      • His evidence in favor of such a shift is instructive of his thinking and acceptance of Darwinian ideas.
      • These borders indicate the early acceptance of the idea of a frame as a way to set off, isolate and distinguish a drawing or painting.
      • Gitt, incredibly, replied that his ideas have wide acceptance among scientists.
      • Thus we make attributions of causal relatedness on the basis of prior acceptance of scientific explanations.

    • 1.3(of bill, terms, risk)

      aceptación femenino

  • 2

    aprobación femenino
    the proposal met with universal acceptance la propuesta obtuvo la aprobación de todos
    • she finally won acceptance for her plan finalmente logró que su plan fuera aceptado