Translation of access road in Spanish:

access road

carretera de acceso, n.


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    carretera de acceso feminine
    • Matters are not helped by the fact that at weekends the northern ring road becomes solely an access road to Clifton Moor.
    • I was out in front and I veered off the main road, taking an access road for a large warehouse.
    • At present traffic is being diverted via the Lodge Road and a temporary access road.
    • Using a bypass as a main access road for housing and industry is fraught with potential road traffic problems and dangers.
    • As you drive up the access road through the foothills about two hours after leaving Calgary, the ski hill comes into view.
    • A new access road on to Arthur Lane would also be created.
    • But one of the more controversial aspects of the plans submitted to Harrogate Council is a new access road off Rudding Lane.
    • The order was identified when the estate was being planned and is intended to allow a new access road across Black Horse Lane.
    • A refuse store and a new access road on to Arthur Lane will also be created.
    • Louie Servin lives about two miles from the track off Cherry Avenue, a main access road to the speedway.
    • The Tynings in Corsham is a residential street used as an access road for double decker buses collecting pupils at the secondary school.
    • On top of that they want to build an access road from the Keswick Street end of the ground to link up with the Gabriels club across the fields.
    • An access road will run from the entrance at Ferncliffe Road, through the site to the far end of the development onto Mornington Road.
    • Go through the gateway on the left-hand side of the dam and follow the reservoir access road down through a small woodland plantation.
    • Ignore tracks to the left and right but keep to the main access road which bears right and climbs gradually to the lane crossroads.
    • It sounded like they were just coming down the small hill on the access road, where it meets the main road at a right angle.
    • The Tritium Truck heads north off the main highway, and following a series of country roads comes to a gravel access road.
    • One road needed to be developed as the main access road into Belmullet and it seemed logical this would be the road from Ballina.
    • The access road would not be altered and no new roads would be created on the site. Each property would have its own private garden.
    • Leave the main road here and follow the access road towards the farm.