Translation of accidence in Spanish:


accidentes gramaticales, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæksədəns/ /ˈaksɪd(ə)ns/


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    accidentes gramaticales masculine
    • It was an approach primarily focused on syntax, accidence, and grammar with little attention focused on the culture, art, philosophy, science, religion, or the general society of ancient Greece and Rome.
    • He was sent to Gloucester Grammar School, but becoming ‘mired’ in his Latin accidence was apprenticed to a waterman, pressed for the navy, and was present at the siege of Cadiz.
    • He can make himself understood, given a few nouns, pronouns, verbs and numerals, without troubling himself in the slightest about accidence.
    • His soliloquies on fate and historical accidence, delivered to an overwrought Monty Bodkin, are among the best things that Wodehouse ever wrote.