Translation of accidentally in Spanish:


por casualidad, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌæksəˈdɛn(t)(ə)li/ /aksɪˈdɛnt(ə)li/


  • 1

    (by chance)
    por casualidad
    de manera fortuita
    • Going home from work in Oxford last night I accidentally got on the Bristol train by mistake.
    • I don't know if she accidentally picked up the phone or deliberately did that.
    • Very drunk, he accidentally pushed her with his kit bag, knocking her off the path and into the river Cam.
    • He lost his right eye two years ago when he was accidentally hit in the face with a hurley during a club game.
    • How many presents have you accidentally thrown out in that pile of discarded wrapping paper this year?
    • David walks over to his car, and Paul accidentally drops his car keys on the ground.
    • It is believed the power cut was caused when a workman accidentally cut through an underground cable.
    • The fire had started accidentally when fat from the chip pan caught alight.
    • However, it may have been brought about by a short circuit or a fire started accidentally by a passenger.
    • The site was accidentally miscategorized when it was initially entered into our database.
    • Alex gets up to go, turns around to kiss Susan, and accidentally hits her on the nose.
    • Fire officers believe the blaze started when one of the dogs accidentally knocked the cooker hob on.
    • I suppose everyone who worked with horses will have had their foot accidentally stepped on.
    • One of the workers accidentally put a bag of caustic soda crystals into the tank instead of soda crystals.
    • Nine-year-old Tilly went missing two weeks ago after a door was accidentally left open.
    • A master of the tea ceremony in old Japan once accidentally slighted a soldier.
    • The system will not even wipe credit cards if they are accidentally placed on the pad.
    • He was also left paralysed for a week after an injection to take fluid from his spine accidentally hit a nerve.
    • The cause of the blaze is under investigation, but it is thought to have started accidentally.
    • Police said it was not clear whether the gunman shot his victim deliberately or accidentally.
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    sin querer