Translation of acclimate in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈækləˌmeɪt/ /ˈaklɪmeɪt/ /əˈklʌɪmət/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • I quickly became acclimated to a variety of cultures and people - which was wonderful because I've always loved learning about new cultures.
    • He tells of getting acclimated to Saudi Arabia and the life of an advisor.
    • ‘The student-athlete is getting more time to get acclimated to the institution,’ says Steve Mallonee, the NCAA director of membership services and governance liaison.
    • He has not yet acclimated to when our days and nights are.
    • Gradually, as immigrants acclimated to the American milieu, in which others regarded them simply as Italians, and as they increasingly interacted with fellow immigrants, campanilismo gave way to a more national identity.
    • He sighed, ‘and it will give me more time to get acclimated to to the darkness.’
    • And WNY personnel at all communities are available to help residents get acclimated to their new surroundings, while finding all the local services and retail outlets they need.
    • Its soldiers and marines were better acclimated to the weather conditions in the Falklands as a result of their longer tenure in theater and from years of training in Norway.
    • More interesting, perhaps, is the possibility that the co-eds themselves are the disease, unable to acclimate to the rural environment they've invaded.
    • Slow-to-warm-up children need time to acclimate to a new environment and time to watch others do activities first.
    • You don't have to tell your body how to acclimate to new environments, it's wired into our systems.
    • Joe Policastro has found a pleasant way to acclimate to the Florida heat and humidity that are part of early season racing - he and his wife Pam spend the winter months in their Palm Beach home.
    • But to acclimate to life here, they often blend into the mainstream, becoming invisible.
    • But Bosnian Americans tend to live with extended family members, though this is likely to end as Bosnians acclimate to American culture and become more financially successful.
    • This questionnaire was administered during the second semester, in late March, so that the students would have had time to acclimate to the university culture.
    • Finally, I'm anxious to see Hideki Matsui now that he's had a full season to acclimate to major league baseball and the American culture.
    • After their arrival in Colombia, the birds will spend two weeks in a holding facility to acclimate to their new surroundings before their release into a wilderness area 50 miles northeast of Bogota.
    • Eventually the city kids settle into a comfortable routine that vacillates between mocking their counterparts and helping them acclimate to their new surroundings.
    • Typically, it takes people from sea level five to seven days to acclimate to the elevation, said Dr. Chuck Fulco, the lead scientist on the Army's research team.
    • It's important to try to help foreign students acclimate to American universities.