Translation of accompaniment in Spanish:


acompañamiento, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkəmp(ə)nɪmənt/ /əˈkʌmp(ə)nɪm(ə)nt/


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    acompañamiento masculine
    Music acompañamiento masculine
    the ideal accompaniment to fish el acompañamiento ideal para el pescado
    • A couple of minutes later, voices struck up an accompaniment to the drumbeat.
    • The range of the custom-tuned baritone guitar means there's a bass accompaniment to the melody, and even the track ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’ is delicious rather than out of place.
    • The earliest piano recordings, prior to 1910, were not very successful; most discs from this time employ the piano as an accompaniment to a vocalist.
    • The Royal Cliff house band provided the musical background and the accompaniment to ‘Happy Birthday’, sung by the little Isabel Kirschmann for her dear friend.
    • For the most part, Tosti's songs were written for voice with piano accompaniment, and both Carreras and Heppner have been fortunate to work with sensitive arrangers.
    • When students attempted to play the accompaniment to the artist's melody, they were hampered by not knowing the notes well enough.
    • Include and inspire younger siblings through clapping, responsive singing and simple accompaniments on rhythm instruments.
    • Some keyboard divertimentos have accompaniments for other instruments, as do many contemporary keyboard sonatas.
    • The special live feature for her Opera House performance was the inclusion of a violin and cello accompaniment to Orton's sweet and distinctive voice.
    • But bear in mind that many people use a digital keyboard not to play sheet music but to add digital accompaniment to other instruments.
    • Varying the instrumental accompaniment can help avoid musical monotony.
    • Headteacher, the late David Clough, and myself took the children for an outing on the famous line and we all went up and down the carriages singing the song with guitar accompaniment to smiling passengers.
    • This is because when singing romances, a singer must rely only on his or her voice and the accompaniment of the piano and not on stage props.
    • The songs, piano accompaniment and violin part are of an easy to moderate level of difficulty.
    • This form of singing along with recorded orchestral accompaniment to popular songs began as entertainment in bars and has since spread overseas.
    • Use guitar and some rhythm instruments as the accompaniment.
    • No one but Beth could get much music out of the old piano; but she had a way of softly touching the yellow keys, and making a pleasant accompaniment to the simple songs they sang.
    • Another time I demonstrated a new keyboard instrument capable of playing accompaniments from floppy disk to a group of flutists.
    • Add Pedja Muzijevic's elegant and supportive piano accompaniment, and this is a Winterreise that repays an attentive ear and a watchful eye.
    • This is not necessarily a fault, as both composers saw the violin as an equal partner at best, and even described their earlier sonatas in this genre as works for piano with violin accompaniment.
    • To the accompaniment of some of her favourite hymns and church music, more than 1,000 Yorkshire people gathered to express their gratitude yesterday for the life of the Queen Mother.
    • He delivers elegant chamber music accompaniments to this clever film.
    • To the accompaniment of vintage jazz records, the train chugs up and down the otherwise closed branch line from Arcady to Flaxfield Junction.
    • Different from those noisy eateries, this restaurant provides a tranquil atmosphere with only the accompaniment of Chinese folk music, which matches well with its decorations of ancient style.
    • Raise a toast, with beer of course, and enjoy the fun that comes with lively music as an accompaniment.
    • The musical score by Carl Davis is lyrical yet understated, an effective accompaniment, and it is rendered serviceably by the mono audio track.
    • His accompaniment sounds like evil burlesque music, lurching forward, undressing you with its eyes.
    • Elmore Bernstein and Chico Hamilton provide the musical accompaniment to the movie's portrayal of the 1950s New York nightclub demi-monde.
    • The Air Command Band provided the musical accompaniment to the successful parade, after what had been a hectic few days of practice.
    • Seventy Two & Sunny is an appropriate title since it's the ideal musical accompaniment to a warm summer day and documents a gifted singer-songwriter continuing to mature.
    • Matt played in a band called the Space Goats, who were extremely prominent at road protests, often providing a live musical accompaniment to digger diving with their heady brew of psychedelic folk music.
    • With the Bocking Concert Brass in attendance, there was suitable musical accompaniment to the occasion, held at Howard Hall, Bocking End, on Friday.
    • Ranging from the techno-infused uptempo music in Tokyo X to the jazzy downbeats in Chicago, the musical accompaniment to the onscreen action fits seamlessly.
    • The Ab Fab 4 provide the musical accompaniment to each day's show.
    • The scramble to the hospital allowed time only for a rummage in the glove compartment of our car, which provided a battered copy of Twenty Golden Country Greats as the sole musical accompaniment to the birth.
    • It made you long to see more - with a better musical accompaniment to do it justice.
    • Firstly, the musical accompaniment to Sidia's production included flutes, percussive instruments and a keyboard.
    • I was a little disappointed however, that there was no musical accompaniment to the site, maybe a little of Depeche Mode's ‘Personal Jesus’?
    • Brian Gray's short film featured Johnny Cash singing religious songs, a gritty accompaniment to a serene film that followed a trio of utterly committed and convinced toilers in the vineyards of the Lord.
    • The tradition of Gaelic work songs developed as rhythmic accompaniment to such tasks as milking, harvesting, spinning, and weaving.