Traducción de accompany en Español:


acompañar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈkəmp(ə)ni/ /əˈkʌmpəni/

Ver definición en Español de acompañar

verbo transitivo accompanies, accompanying, accompanied

  • 1

    (go with)
    he volunteered to accompany her home se ofreció a acompañarla a casa
    • she was accompanied by her family iba acompañada de su familia
    • it should be accompanied by a dry white wine debe servirse acompañado de un vino blanco seco
    • the accompanying note/instructions las notas/instrucciones adjuntas
    • He had refused to allow even one companion to accompany him, arguing that he would be perfectly safe.
    • Though she wouldn't admit it to herself, she was secretly glad to have a companion to accompany her on her long journey.
    • The situation is so serious that a police escort accompanies us off the plane.
    • For the duration of our trip, either our escorts accompanied us or we were under police security.
    • She was his constant companion throughout his career, accompanying him on his travels through the United States and abroad.
    • His sister Catherine accompanies him on all his shoots and Robin Tunney, currently starring in Vertical Limit, met them in Texas during American Outlaws.
    • She was accompanied by her daughters the Queen and Princess Margaret to the event at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.
    • Mariam is happy that she accompanied her six-year-old grand daughter Neha to the festival.
    • Jim was accompanied by his daughter Michelle, an employee at City Hall, New York City.
    • For the first six miles he was accompanied by his daughter, and then he was alone.
    • He jokes around with the young aide accompanying him on his travels, but he is not interested in talking about himself.
    • When you sign up for kayak sea tours, an experienced guide always accompanies you to help you if you have problems.
    • No guides accompanied us as we descended down a spiral staircase and into the past of Dubai.
    • June 1980: Camilla accompanies Charles as his official escort to Zimbabwean independence celebrations.
    • One of her daughters insisted on accompanying her to the police station.
    • Nancy's sister and father accompany her to the wedding, for Godfrey is suddenly out of town.
    • The man I am doing business with has asked I accompany him and his daughter out for the night and I couldn't say no.
    • He asked the lady's daughter to accompany him to his car as he was afraid of the people screaming at him.
    • She was accompanied by her older sister, who was also never known for her punctuality.
    • Knowledgeable local guides will accompany us, and we'll stay in varied accommodations.
  • 2

    (occur simultaneously)
    these symptoms are usually accompanied by trembling and sweating estos síntomas suelen ir acompañados de temblores y sudor
    • Nausea or vomiting often accompanies the pain, which is visceral in origin and occurs as a result of distension of the gallbladder due to an obstruction or to the passage of a stone through the cystic duct.
    • Nausea and dizziness often accompany these reactions, indicating a reduction of the output of blood from the heart.
    • Nausea accompanies many causes of abdominal pain.
    • The nausea that accompanies pregnancy discourages the mother from eating toxic substances that may harm her baby.
    • The wave of nausea that usually accompanied a good bruising hit me as I swayed unsteadily on my feet.
    • They can produce a severe whirling sensation accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
    • Smoking the mixture was said to give the user a long lasting, throbbing pain in the head accompanied by nausea.
    • Which brings us to the more important question: Why has Africa always been so sensitive to drought, and the resulting famine that often accompanies it?
    • At first she thought it was thunder, but she soon noticed white gas appearing in her room accompanied by a bad smell.
    • Osteoporosis can also accompany endocrine disorders or result from excessive use of drugs such as corticosteroids.
    • Many major book launches are now accompanied by author appearances on the festival circuit.
    • The letters are presented in chronological order with accompanying annotations coming within endnotes.
    • Although these sort of behaviors or consequences often accompany addiction, they are neither always present or inevitable.
    • The aetiology is different in both cases and the muscle spasms that accompany these dysfunctions are not always present in osteoporosis.
    • Anemia is accompanied by a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin present in the blood.
    • Sometimes the illness is accompanied by a rash of red or purple spots.
    • Nevertheless, a deadly humourlessness does sometimes accompany teen angst, and when it does, the results can be terrifying.
    • A blitz of appearances on television and radio shows will accompany the release of the single on February 25.
    • A bull market usually accompanies expectations of widespread good corporate results.
    • The fatigue, nausea and uncertainty that often accompany early pregnancy may tempt you to forget about fitness.
  • 3

    (singer/soloist) acompañar
    she accompanies herself on the guitar/piano se acompaña con la guitarra/al piano
    • Dantone and his ensemble of 18 musicians accompany Scholl with dynamism.
    • Sigrid accompanies the Bryan Chorale and serves as pianist at Hixson Presbyterian Church.
    • The dazzlingly choreographed fireworks performances will be accompanied by a musical programme.
    • Each was also accompanied by live musical improvisation from cellist, Anne Bourne.
    • Another level of variety is given by the musicians and singers who accompany Bonney.
    • The Royal Academy of Music's Symphony Orchestra will accompany the concert, conducted by Musical Director Michael Kamen.
    • People who would be willing to accompany singing with any musical instrument would also be welcome.
    • They were very poor and my father would go into the saloons with a banjo he had repaired and would sing and dance, accompanying himself with the banjo.
    • Some artists specialize in traditional music, accompanied by stringed instruments.
    • There will be dancing accompanied by live music afterwards in The Bridge Bar.
    • He continued to play the piano, accompanying the violinist Bronislaw Gimpel, with whom he formed the Warsaw Piano Quartet, which toured widely.
    • I thought I spotted you in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, last week, accompanying Nigel Kennedy.
    • The genial German-born pianist Wolfram Rieger accompanies in a very sensitive way regarding both the demands of the composition and the needs of the singer.
    • During Mass appropriate hymns were sung by Ann Kavanagh accompanied by organist Donna Roche.
    • The music was supplied by Josephine Walsh accompanied by Ben Brown and Elenor Grant.
    • The Brose Walsh Band provided the music to accompany all the vocalists who performed.
    • There's a guy outside Bay City Plaza in Geelong who busks by playing acoustic guitar and accompanying himself on the harmonica at the same time.
    • Music was provided on organ by Mrs. Mary Deering accompanied by St. Kevin's choir.
    • He recalled his amazement at seeing his friend play the harmonica with one hand while accompanying himself on the piano.
    • Fluff plays a worldly, battered guitar, while Billy accompanies on his harmonica, making a tuneful jingle which feels special because of the supreme effort of the two hard-up men.