Translation of according in Spanish:


en la medida en que, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈkɔrdɪŋ/ /əˈkɔːdɪŋ/


  • 1according as (formal or literary)

    (+ subjunctive) (depending to what extent) en la medida en que
    (+ subjunctive) (depending on whether) según
    • There have indeed been a variety of bundle theories, differing according as the bundles' constituents and/or structures were different.
    • From the whole rose that blended odour of viands, of flowers, of stuff's, of toilet perfumes, which is the characteristic expression of, all social festivities, and which exhilarates or depresses - according as one is new or old to it.
    • Its quality differs with its color, according as it is white, red, yellow, or bluish.
    • The most common varieties are even vibration and damped vibration, according as the amplitude remains constant or it is decreasing exponentially.
    • As children, we judged subjectively, determining ‘that there was more or less reality in each body, according as the impressions made [on our own bodies] were more or less strong.’
    • The manners in which free-born people become slaves may be distinguished according as slaves are acquired from without or within the limits of the tribe.
    • The capitalized value of the same stream of payments will be higher or lower, according as the rate of interest is lower or higher.
    • These points are concrete objects, being either coloured or tangible, according as they are susceptible to sight or touch.
  • 2according to

    • 2.1(as said, given by)

      the Gospel according to St Mark el Evangelio según San Marcos
      • according to you/him según tú/él
      • it's nearly half past, according to my watch según / por mi reloj son casi y media
      • The comments are published on the Danish army website, according to Reuters news agency.
      • Buying the club extra time for repayments is the last piece in the financial jigsaw according to the chairman.
      • Demand for such schemes is great, and waiting lists can be up to six months, according to some local experts.
      • Cars could be banned from the centre of Malmesbury in ten years time, according to a futuristic new report.
      • And, according to experts in the field, it is as near to potato perfection as possible.
      • Cash-strapped schools are going to have to scrimp and save for the next two years, according to a report.
      • Patients at Airedale Hospital are the most satisfied in the country according to a national report.
      • Savings running to millions of pounds need to be made, according to an alarming accountancy report.
      • Women who go for bra fittings at high street retailers are getting poor advice, according to a report today.
      • Sickness levels at Burnley Council need to be tackled more rigorously, according to a new report.
      • And according to dental experts the situation is not likely to get any better in the near future.
      • More than one million Scots will be sports club members by 2007, according to the report.
      • Workers in Greater Manchester are the most honest in the country, according to a new report out today.
      • British men have overtaken women in the fashion stakes, according to a report published today.
      • Councils should leave tourism to the experts, according to an economic development boss.
      • We are already well on the way to being addicted to internet gambling, according to some press reports.
      • This reticence, according to another fashion expert, is partly reverse snobbery.
      • A back street garage in Bolton was the only place to correctly pass the car, according to the expert.
      • But they are not nearly as green as they claim to be, according to motoring experts.
      • Police across the country are solving less than one in five crimes, according to a report out today.

    • 2.2(as determined by)

      to each according to his needs a cada cual según su necesidad
      • you get a different answer according to who you ask la respuesta es diferente según a quién le preguntes
      • the books are arranged according to author/title los libros están ordenados por autores/títulos
      • It is allowed to select a proportion of its pupils according to aptitude.
      • The authors have divided the woods into five groups according to their relationship to extant plants.
      • To my mind, the point is that in an equal relationship each contributes according to their capacity.
      • The human worshippers too are carefully graded in size according to their relative age and status.
      • In fact, you can vary your proportions according to how much risk you're happy with.
      • The degree of distress experienced varies according to what people expect.
      • The rate of complications is not analysed according to the gynaecologists' experience.
      • In reality the involvement of such bodies varied according to their experience and expertise.
      • Participants modified their prescribed plan according to their experience of asthma.
      • We examined clinicians' communication according to how patients experienced it.
      • Those kids who were more hedonistic had different experiences according to their gender.
      • In skiing points are awarded according to a complicated system based on time rather than placing.
      • The base rates varied greatly according to which definition of sexual recidivism was being used.
      • Some of you may know what this means and will now be experiencing surges of joy or hate, according to preference.
      • The proportion of connective tissue varies according to the position of the meat in the animal's body.
      • In the national court, proportionality has to be judged according to national conditions.
      • Keep within maximum depth limits according to your level of training/experience.
      • The good thing about this grant is that it is not dispensed according to financial means.
      • Children born can have a blanket at the time of birth or the fall following according to the necessities of the mother.
      • We are told that it is for a health service available to all according to their needs - not true.

    • 2.3(in agreement, accordance with)

      conforme a
      de acuerdo con
      • For most of the opening half things looked as though they would go exactly according to plan.
      • What is clearer however, is that Nationwide's business is not going quite according to plan.
      • Even with the best will in the world, however, not all mentoring programmes work according to plan.
      • Attempting to put the disaster of the day behind me and enjoy the evening didn't go quite according to plan.
      • Things did not go quite according to plan for England at Trent Bridge yesterday.
      • They reform their old band and hit the road but nothing goes smoothly or according to plan.
      • So if things are not quite according to plan you pick them up extremely quickly.
      • We can thus make no excuses for the text; it has come out according to plan.
      • The home visits were implemented according to plan, and no adjustments were made to the protocol.
      • Wash the rice. Bring the fish water to the boil and add the rice. Cook according to instructions.
      • Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the packet, then drain well.
      • Set aside while you cook the spaghetti according to the instructions on the pack.
      • Cook the spaghetti according to the instructions and then dress with the fresh sauce.
      • Heat a small haggis according to the butcher's instructions, then scoop some onto a crouton.
      • Cook the pasta in a large pan of boiling, salted water according to packet instructions.
      • Cook the bucatini for nine minutes, or according to the instructions on the packet.
      • There was one moderate injury but no falls while the person was exercising according to instructions.
      • It was according to his precise instructions that we laid our three pots.
      • She's just shuffling formal symbols around according to the instructions she was given.
      • These will be bought by patrons and the chefs will cook it according to specifications.