Translation of accordingly in Spanish:


en consecuencia, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈkɔrdɪŋli/ /əˈkɔːdɪŋli/


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    en consecuencia
    you must accept the reponsibility and act accordingly debe asumir la responsabilidad y obrar en consecuencia
    • first establish what resources are available and plan your work accordingly averigua de qué recursos dispones y de acuerdo a eso planea el trabajo
    • The basic message is that all fleet managers need to evaluate their own circumstances and act accordingly.
    • It would have been much more responsible of them had they accepted this and acted accordingly.
    • The more perceptive members of the group will be able to detect there's something wrong and act accordingly.
    • I hope therefore that she will accept my opinion that she made a mistake and act accordingly.
    • A good manager must be aware of such performance poopers and act accordingly when selecting his line up.
    • Small wonder young people see violence as a normal part of life and act accordingly.
    • Certainly, readers will be less interested and editors will act accordingly.
    • It's up to us to separate the nonsense from the sense and act accordingly.
    • The suppliants, as we shall see later on, drew their own conclusions and acted accordingly.
    • They will act accordingly, not wanting to damage their chances of an exclusive in the future.
    • Thus, the manager is able to size up the situation instantly and act accordingly.
    • To avoid more slippage in regard to the time schedule, we would like to urge you to act accordingly.
    • We found that once properties were priced accordingly for their market, they sold very well.
    • The Court of Appeal held that the former was the correct approach and decided the case accordingly.
    • You will be given the chance to correct your ways and progress in the afterlife accordingly.
    • Slaves are viewed by their owners as property, and are bought and sold accordingly.
    • Similar reductions are made on larger loads which are weighed and priced accordingly.
    • The next step is determining the severity of the disaster and responding accordingly.
    • It's a different culture these days and everyone has to be aware, minimise risks and adapt accordingly.
    • If anyone has any interest in keeping Meadowcroft home open, then vote accordingly at the next election.
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    (so, therefore)
    por lo tanto
    por consiguiente
    • The rules of land law were accordingly altered in order to facilitate this process.
    • Intention is not capable of positive proof, and, accordingly, it is inferred from the overt acts.
    • The tenant for life of settled land holds the legal estate and accordingly has the right to occupy the property.
    • Windermere had the advantage in the first half and accordingly were able to keep Blackpool under pressure.
    • She is a fascinating character, has learned from her experiences and accordingly lives life to the full.
    • So, well done to Gary who ended the month with a massive lead and is accordingly crowned Bloghunt Champion.
    • The university is accordingly trying to catalogue some of the great smells of Europe.
    • At major ports we handle it on berths which are kilometres away from the population and accordingly there is no risk.