Translation of accordion in Spanish:


acordeón, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkɔrdiən/ /əˈkɔːdɪən/


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    acordeón masculine
    accordion pleats plisado
    • You might even want to throw in some fancier accordion pleats or other folds to make your shapes come to life.
    • Use cloth napkins, fold them into accordion pleats and place them in the water glasses.
    • Cardboard strips can also be curved, folded in accordion fashion, and coiled for a wide variety of effects.
    • She was nervously folding the fabric of her shirt into accordion folds.
    • To save these pieces he folded the paper accordion style, and from that came the idea of making even sized rectangles one under the other on each pleat.
    • The PV array blanket is folded in an accordion style before placement in a canister.
    • No children defying their parents and pulling things off the shelves and no scary women with accordion folders full of coupons.
    • Only the prototype for accordion garage doors, which form the entire facade on the south side, can be called a luxury item.
    • A recent solo exhibition at Mixed Greens featured two drawings in accordion books.
    • Another format of Japanese books are accordion structures with a few variations.
    • A white sporting jacket with a thick, accordion collar over a brown sweater and a white sailing shirt.
    • Fold one side one inch back and continue in an accordion fashion until you have one strip of tissue about one inch across.
    • Repeated a few times, it has an accordion effect and adds several minutes to the journey.
    • She demonstrates the accordion binding of Hiddenness by opening the book to stand on its own as a kind of folding canvas.
    • Purchase a plastic accordion folder and create tabs for each of the children you babysit.
    • For example, to keep her papers in order, would she work best with a binder or an accordion file?
    • It looked like it was a single car that had no hood and two trunks, with an accordion design in the middle.
    • These accordion style doors have the advantages of no tracks to trip over or keep clean.