Translation of account executive in Spanish:

account executive

ejecutivo de cuentas, n.


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    ejecutivo de cuentas masculine
    • When an account executive scores a client engagement, consulting managers waste no time calling around to find out who's qualified and who's available for the job.
    • A Pittsburgh native, she began her advertising career in 1972 as an account executive and later a public relations director at Marc and Co.
    • Regan's daughter, Courtney, is an account executive for an advertising agency in San Diego.
    • As an account executive for JD Edwards, it is in my best interest to provide a real expectation level of the scope of a project, and determine if the client is a good fit.
    • Every client should have their own account executive from the web developer who will look after the customer's interests.
    • Soon afterward, he began working as an account executive in the corporate sponsorship department of NBA Properties.
    • Shortly after being laid-off as an account executive for Coca-Cola, Harris and his two fraternity brothers, Shaw and Smith, came together to further develop the idea.
    • Before joining Showtime, she was a market analyst at HBO, a media planner at Ogilvy & Mather, and a group account executive at Prudential.
    • The account executive said, ‘I think I'm going to like this Web thing just fine.’
    • Once again, the young man faced a stark choice: Take a position as a junior account executive in the company's worst department or resign.
    • The plan reads like something a junior account executive cooked up during the first 10 minutes of a brainstorming session with the ad agency.
    • After reassuring him that all was well, I discovered he had heard the rumor from his account executive, with whom he had a close relationship.
    • The new account executive conceded that there were problems and promised to work with Continental to solve them.
    • Jack joined the company in 1989 as a junior account executive and is now director for Scotland.
    • It is the job of the account executive to ask a healthcare organization's senior management team about its corporate strategy to overcome or leverage the trends taking place in the market.
    • Recently a PR account executive claimed her employers were a ‘bunch of cowboys’ on the Friends Reunited site, naturally the firm didn't take kindly to this.
    • She works as a middleweight account executive at one of London's most prestigious advertising firms, producing community consciousness-raising commercials for groups such as Oxfam and Greenpeace.
    • In 2001, she won the Institute of Public Relations' Student of the Year award and then worked as an account executive for an agency in London, where her clients included Camelot.
    • Ironically, Norman is a star advertising account executive who reviles his trade - the dirty world of soap advertising.
    • So, for a month, I was an account executive with the Clippers.