Translation of accountability in Spanish:


responsabilidad, n.

Pronunciation /əˌkaʊn(t)əˈbɪlədi/ /əˌkaʊntəˈbɪlɪti/


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    responsabilidad feminine
    accountability to sb responsabilidad ante algn
    • There must be a popular move to require transparency and accountability in all walks of life.
    • An entire change of culture and open debate on accountability is required.
    • It is about taking responsibility for the accountability that actually you have now got a bad manager.
    • We have to get the professional game right and we have to give it responsibility and accountability.
    • The key legal issues arising from clinical ethics committees concern accountability.
    • When public funds are involved, accountability requires that money is spent wisely.
    • They have to make sure staff know their responsibilities and their accountability.
    • Lack of accountability has corroded public respect for business and political leaders.
    • In today's litigious society, we need to have someone to blame, to apportion accountability.
    • One of the consequences of their taking the Parliamentary path is accountability.
    • Where is the outrage and demand amongst the fourth estate for some accountability from him?
    • Greater political diversity on the Exec has led to more accountability to students.
    • There are ways to lie and be completely absolved of any kind of accountability.
    • Goals need to be set and reviewed and accountability cannot be ignored.
    • In any democratic set up the question of accountability of the budget is an important factor.
    • Given that this includes accountability to the public, his comments seem more than a little confused.
    • Will the big media outlets demand the same accountability of themselves that they demand of everyone else?
    • For even a minor piece of construction work, there is a system of accountability.
    • He said accountability was important for a police service wounded by a lack of public trust.
    • Their usual role is to provide the illusion of accountability while refusing to lay a finger on the holders of power.