Translation of accounts payable in Spanish:

accounts payable

cuentas por pagar, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    cuentas por pagar feminine
    • At last report, it had just $8.52 a share in total liabilities, mostly accounts payable.
    • Coke could also apply for a revolving line of credit with a foreign bank in order to cover accounts payable; however, that required Coke to assume some risk by providing a letter of guarantee to cover the Vietnamese partner.
    • Concur manages documentation requirements, so employees can submit their grades and receipts directly to accounts payable and be reimbursed through payroll.
    • For example, the purchasing process, vendor data, material definitions, and accounts payable should be basically the same in all areas of a corporation.
    • Qualcomm's accounts payable team recently had its accounts payable reviewed for potential duplicate payments and sales tax overpayments.
    • An executive dashboard, for example, enables a CEO to see bank balances, a ranking of the top 10 sales reps, the top five customers, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
    • A quick review of financial statements by a trained eye can help detect slow collections, poor financial management, overextended accounts payable or other warning signs, early.
    • Users now have automatic matching and checking capability against purchase prices and receiving amounts, helping to eliminate accounts payable errors.
    • To add to his troubles, accounts payable was in shambles, and his first chief financial officer quit shortly after the filing.
    • The average time to complete financial processes, such as accounts payable, shrank from 18 days to eight.
    • As bills were being paid from about 35 different locations, the accounts payable had to be centralized immediately.
    • The company confirmed at the beginning of the month that it was moving its accounts payable division from Limerick to Malaysia.
    • When an invoice comes in, you route it to the guy in accounts payable, because that's his occupation.
    • Current liabilities include short-term debt, interest, accounts payable and any other outstanding liabilities that are due within a year's time.
    • Complex control systems were needed to track supplier purchase orders and deliveries, and match them with invoices for accounts payable.
    • An increase in accounts payable and liabilities owed to members fed the increase in current liabilities.
    • How many accounting staff will we need to process accounts payable, payroll, contributions, receivables, and the general ledger?
    • You have to implement all the back-of-house systems, like general ledger, accounts payable, and payroll.
    • Its 2002 cash and cash equivalents of $1.3 billion were absorbed by interest expenses and accounts payable.
    • The increase in accounts payable and funds owed to members are more likely in response to higher sales.