Traducción de accrue en español:


acumularse, v.

Pronunciación /əˈkru/ /əˈkruː/

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verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (build up)
    accrued interest interés acumulado
    • the wisdom that accrues with age la sabiduría que se va adquiriendo con la edad
    • The Air Force has invited students to accrue the benefits from the career opportunities exhibition as a run up to the recruitment rally.
    • Those who stay long enough to accrue retirement benefits stream back by the thousands.
    • The rate at which directors can accrue benefits is also more generous than the schemes they offer to their staff.
    • The Group should also begin to accrue the full benefits from the refinancing in 2005.
    • Based on an erroneous suggestion that ADF members are somehow accruing an unfair benefit, the department has opted to actively discourage them from seeking civilian jobs in Defence altogether.
    • The Protestant Reformers defined the Roman doctrine of Works as a form of barter system, whereby believers could accrue spiritual benefits for themselves and salvation through their performance.
    • This hypothesis is in accord with rational choice theory, which suggests that criminals think rationally and strategically to accrue the benefits of their crime.
    • He said the UDM's ostensible affinity to traditional leadership failed to accrue any benefits to the party this time, as it did in the 1999 general election.
    • The actuary also determines the contribution needed to maintain the fund at this level bearing in mind that the members continuously accrue additional benefits.
    • Undeniably, program managers should take the first step to accrue direct benefits to their programs.
    • Harlequin Ducks that pair early with a known mate may accrue similar benefits.
    • You are to continue with the responsibility of this asset, and we will accrue the benefits.
    • Many applaud the new phosphorus standards as a best management practice that will accrue environmental benefits.
    • Well apart from being a bit of fun, does having a fantasy league attached to your competition accrue any benefits to netball and to the national league?
    • Players become vested in the pension plan from day one and begin to accrue pension benefits after they're on a club roster for 43 days.
    • Bearing this in mind, you could accrue considerable benefits if you design a tailored incentive scheme for each salesperson - particularly given the small number of staff employed in your case.
    • There was no requirement even to accrue other post-employment benefits, and no detailed disclosure requirements.
    • Too often the switching is not done in time and payments are missed, accruing considerable embarrassment and penalties.
    • Cllr Pat Kilbane said the Committee faced a daunting task but he hoped some benefits would be accrued from their work.
    • Beyond all the emotions, there are tangible benefits that can be accrued.
  • 2

    to accrue to sb

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (interest/profits) acumular