Translation of accumulate in Spanish:


acumular, v.

Pronunciation /əˈkjum(j)əˌleɪt/ /əˈkjuːmjʊleɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wealth/interest) acumular
    (information/evidence) reunir
    (information/evidence) acumular
    these ornaments just accumulate dust estos adornos no hacen más que juntar polvo
    • In the company's travel and tourism division, for instance, this has resulted in employees accumulating an overtime backlog of more than 100 hours.
    • But during the downpours last November, the mound only succeeded in accumulating a huge expanse of water which had run off from saturated fields nearby.
    • The Firm was said to have accumulated huge profits over years of illegal activity.
    • Promoters, in their efforts to accumulate huge profits, are planning larger and larger events and it is time to put some serious controls on what is going on.
    • Gaidarski said that prosecutors should investigate how hospitals managed to accumulate such huge debts.
    • The U.S. trade imbalance was looming larger every year, and Japan was, as it still is, accumulating a huge trade surplus.
    • He knew that over the years he had accumulated a huge chunk of enemies.
    • This particular period seems to be the exact timing when the seed starts to accumulate a huge amount of starch in the endosperm.
    • Despite accumulating a fortune he never moved away from the streets of his youth, choosing instead to add extension after extension to his fortress of a house, the Ponderosa, in Provanmill Road.
    • This is all about me baby, and my dream of accumulating a vast fortune by exploiting the stupidity of the reading audience.
    • Whether, by so doing, he would have accumulated a comparable personal fortune is debatable.
    • Cool Blue Method's recent goal is to accumulate a little cash by planting trees, a feat which only twin brothers Josh and Ben are attempting at the moment.
    • And so as any mindful woman might in this accommodating world, I was able to accumulate a fortune.
    • He set up an international investment fund that started to accumulate a large fortune.
    • He argues that the former accumulated their fortunes in specie.
    • He had benefited from the fortune accumulated by the company and he wanted to go racing.
    • Those in power ensured it was they who landed the top positions inside the new enterprises and accumulated outrageous fortunes.
    • He spent much of the fortune accumulated by him and his father in promoting air and road racing in England and France and generally being the playboy.
    • In the U.S., auto companies have been enjoying record profits and have accumulated huge cash hoards.
    • The Exchange also operates with a dividend cover of over five times, having accumulated a £237m cash hoard as a result.
    • There is a fact of the matter when the question is global warming, and there is some hope of arriving at a definite answer by accumulating enough evidence.
    • Doctors are still working as scientists though, since placebos have accumulated enough evidence to be accepted as scientifically valid.
    • Some of the original slips are now being used in preparing new entries, as the words they illustrate finally accumulate enough evidence for inclusion.
    • In time, the growing embryos will accumulate enough mass to ignite and explode out of their cores like baby birds busting out of their eggs.
    • Gold is, obviously, not like marriage, because people have an interest in accumulating quantities of gold, but each person can only have one other person in the marriage market.
    • Their pay increases as they accumulate experience and develop skills.
    • With dollar liquidity flooding the global financial system, foreign holders are accumulating amazing quantities of U.S. securities.
    • Lactate tolerance training improves muscle and blood buffering capacity so athletes can swim fast, longer, in spite of rapidly accumulating quantities of lactic acid.
    • People have figured out that you need to be an owner to accumulate wealth, so increasingly they're asking for equity.
    • As a consequence, they accumulate large quantities of phytanic acid in their tissues and serum.
    • Google and the Internet means that we can accumulate vast quantities of information with little effort.
    • After accumulating enough data, we calculated that each person spent at least a full minute in a stall.
    • By then they had accumulated enough weapons to achieve this.
    • But, after a considerable amount of said hanging about, Humphries accumulated enough material to write a book.
    • Now I have accumulated enough experience to direct any adaptation or sequel.
    • Aiming at creating her own brand of dresses, the retail business was a necessary starting point to learn the market and accumulate enough capital.
    • They rarely earn enough to accumulate significant wealth, but want to minimise financial insecurity, so are a good market for insurance products.
    • Everyone on the show has a high income, and most of them have had that high income for long enough to accumulate a good deal of wealth.
    • Scientific investigation proceeds not by amassing conclusions but by accumulating incremental evidence, which is all that we can know.
    • Continuing for two years, he accumulated enough money to return to medical school.

intransitive verb

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