Translation of accuracy in Spanish:


exactitud, n.

Pronunciation /ˈækjərəsi/ /ˈakjʊrəsi/


  • 1

    (of measurement, map, instrument) exactitud feminine
    (of measurement, map, instrument) precisión feminine
    (of weapon) precisión feminine
    (of aim, blow) lo certero
    (of description, prediction) exactitud feminine
    (of translation) exactitud feminine
    (of translation) fidelidad feminine
    • The team is currently trying to improve the accuracy of these calculations, and to obtain similar accuracies for the intensity of the absorption lines.
    • How could we then measure time intervals with accuracies of better than one part in ten to the power thirteen?
    • Using several hours of measurements, accuracies of 5 mm can be achieved, and precisions of a few centimetres can be realized in seconds even for moving receivers (kinematic GPS) close to a fixed station.
    • Instrument manufacturers usually publish thermal-drift specifications, typically in terms of 90-day and one-year accuracies for a given temperature range.
    • By maximizing the inherent features of a GIS database, this approach maintains relative and absolute accuracies, without compromising any modeling or mapping requirements.
    • Estimated angles were correlated with measured angles, and accuracies in estimating angles were correlated with demographic characteristics.
    • We also considered the effect of k values on the accuracies of the three methods.
    • These initial values were chosen to reflect landing accuracies similar to those of Mars Pathfinder.
    • The error plots demonstrate that the attitude and velocity accuracies required can be maintained if the time interval of a GPS outage does not exceed 30 seconds.
    • But this, and other seemingly straightforward methods, while fine in principle, turn out to be unsatisfactory in practice, at least when accuracies of a small fraction of a degree are called for.
    • These degraded accuracies persisted for hours and were well beyond system tolerances specified for marine DGPS users.
    • The accuracies of colorimeters can vary significantly, depending on the spectra of the colors measured.
    • On many projects, said O'Mahony, the engineering team is left trying to fight science by being asked to achieve some unrealistic sensor or actuator accuracies.
    • This means that the absolute alignment accuracies of table 3 are probably overestimates.
    • Absolute positioning accuracies of better than 5 meters from 3-kilometer range have been demonstrated, which are adequate for targeting of today's and near-future weapons.
    • These accuracies met the USGS minimum requirement of 85% for land-use and land-cover classification of remotely sensed data.
    • These accuracies are comparable to currently fielded weapons today, and are based on analyses derived from sanctioned modeling and simulations to determine cost and operational effectiveness.
    • Mapping with GPS-collected accuracies is just not conducive to all business needs within a utility GIS.
    • We run simulations to compare the relative accuracies of our and previous methods.
    • Flame AAS techniques are the oldest methods, and they can measure parts-per-million element concentrations with accuracies in the 1-3% range.
    • However, these studies have not generally had enough participants to provide precise estimates of accuracy.
    • The Huntress notched arrow after arrow and hit each target with precise accuracy.
    • To our knowledge, ours is the first study to assess the popularity as well as the quality and accuracy of health related websites.
    • The Speaker cannot do that, or judge the quality or accuracy of an answer.
    • They can predict with considerable accuracy what those satellites can see, and when.
    • Where on the social ladder a person was born predicted, with depressing accuracy, where they would end up.
    • The book has been meticulously poured over for accuracy by Fourth Estate's own lawyers.
    • He gave a flawless performance inspiring confidence by his pinpoint accuracy.
    • I don't think that anyone can predict with any accuracy where the world is headed.
    • How will his accuracy and confidence be shaken after getting hit play after play?
    • We cannot know the mind of the creator with sufficient certainty to predict this with perfect accuracy.
    • In these cases, the likely outcomes can be predicted with some accuracy.
    • I received an email at the beginning of August from an astrologer which laid out this prediction with bone chilling accuracy.
    • Perhaps are some of us in touch with our psychic energy and able to use it to predict with accuracy?
    • At the upper end, there are a wide range of professional quality saws with power and accuracy to spare.
    • It is a critique that is appalling in its lack of quality, substance, and, indeed, accuracy.
    • What he has lost out on, however, is the pinpoint accuracy that used to be the defining quality of his bowling.
    • I can still see his slight frame darting past defenders and rifling over points with unerring ease and accuracy.
    • They used electric saws and did their duty with commendable accuracy.
    • It gives you that bit more freedom to not worry about consistency or accuracy and instead concentrate on getting something written.