Translation of accusation in Spanish:


acusación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌækjəˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ /akjʊˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    acusación feminine
    accusation of sth acusación de algo
    • It is these kinds of charges and accusations that make people laugh at the military.
    • Defeat on the pitch can lead, and has led, to accusations not only of bribery but cowardice and even treason.
    • Countering accusations of dullness, the insurer's job often borders on the surreal.
    • As if to counter the accusations of snootiness, not every selection is wilfully obscure.
    • I do think these things can be discussed and criticised without accusations of elitism coming up.
    • Just five days later, however, he crashed down to earth amid accusations of bribery.
    • The move has provoked accusations that Executive ministers are acting to silence a vocal critic.
    • Sensitive to accusations of cronyism, he also wanted a non-political appointment.
    • Is this what was meant by the scurrilous accusations about his expenses?
    • The unit was intended to review the system of public appointments to avoid accusations of political bias.
    • Some were more inventive in the means they took to make accusations of sexual misconduct.
    • More than four years on not one iota of evidence in support of the accusations has been provided.
    • After all, accusations of bias usually say more about the accuser than the accused.
    • Once again accusations are flying about the lack of consultation over health services.
    • Added to this are accusations that he failed to live up to his promise that the elections would be democratic and fair.
    • To avoid accusations that he didn't live in the electorate, he rented a place there.
    • I'm sick of the silent accusations that I'm not trying hard enough to get a job.
    • Zealously denying the accusations, Richard waxed eloquent in his own defense.
    • Shows were cancelled and accusations flew between members of the band as to who was to blame.
    • We are individuals as well as social beings, and open to accusations of selfishness and hypocrisy.
  • 2

    acusación feminine
    with a look of accusation con mirada acusadora / acusatoria