Translation of accuse in Spanish:


acusar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈkjuz/ /əˈkjuːz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    to accuse sb of sth/-ing acusar a algn de algo/+ inf
    • He cannot overcome the problem of showing either that he is ‘charged’ or that he is accused of any ‘criminal offence’.
    • The prosecuting solicitor objected to bail on the basis that he was accused of an imprisonable offence and there were substantial grounds for believing he would abscond from the jurisdiction of the court.
    • A prosecutor in Nashville is accused of manipulating evidence to send a defendant to death row.
    • The defense stressed that the whole South lacked food, medicine, and other supplies at the time, and that Wirz was often too ill to have carried out the violent crimes he was accused of committing.
    • He only turns to crime for revenge when he is accused of the attempted murder of a policeman.
    • It is ironic that if he had been accused of sex crimes while working with children, he would almost certainly have been placed on secret lists which schools have access to.
    • In a 460-page indictment they were accused of several counts of gross embezzlement, a punishable offence which could attract sentences of up to 10 years prison.
    • This forced the federal government to give up interference with the legal proceedings and the tribunals ended up acquitting us from the crimes we were accused of.
    • If you floated you were guilty of the crime you were accused of.
    • Socrates is certainly not guilty of the crimes he is accused of.
    • Phoenix ran from the room like a man guilty of the crimes he had been accused of.
    • It is an effort to remember whether the subjects of Celebrity Justice were famous before being charged with something bad or they became notorious after they were accused of a crime.
    • Under the law, a person who has already committed a crime such as assault or breach of the peace can have an extra element added to their charge accusing them of committing an offence aggravated by religious hatred.
    • And maybe those who gathered outside the court to view the prominent six felt that the crimes they are accused of are worse than rape or murder.
    • Captured in Dumbarton castle in 1571 after Mary's cause had collapsed, he was accused of complicity in the murders of Darnley and of Moray, and hanged at Stirling.
    • The police were then notified and, with minimal interrogation, the alleged firebug confessed to the gamut of crimes he was accused of.
    • He struck them as a decent, genuine man and told them about the offences he had been accused of.
    • Officers informed the man that he was accused of committing an offence after one of his victims complained of sexual abuse.
    • Due to his age, he could not be prosecuted for any of the crimes he was accused of committing.