Translation of accused in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈkjuzd/ /əˈkjuːzd/

nounplural accused

  • 1

    the accused el acusado
    • There can be no trial at all unless the accused is fit both to plead and to stand trial.
    • Immediately after the robbery the accused had left his home and could not be found by the police.
    • These are not cases where the accused has caused death while in an involuntary state.
    • That required fairness to the accused but also to the prosecution and those involved in it.
    • Of course, everybody knew that the deed with which the accused was charged had been done.
    • Many of the collateral rules relating to the defence are favourable to the accused.
    • In most cases, it is probably only the age and sex of the accused that are capable of being relevant.
    • This is all proceeding on the assumption that the accused was there on the night of the burglary.
    • Being present at the hearing of one's case is often of crucial importance to the accused.
    • Since the judges never met the accused, the evidence was unlikely to be challenged.
    • It is a matter of urgency for us that the accused are released and all charges are dropped.
    • He used a combination of intimidation and hearsay evidence to browbeat the accused.
    • A defence expert may be viewed by the jury as hired to say something that would help the accused.
    • This was the second time she was required to take the stand in full view of the accused.
    • Throughout detectives have been struck by the lack of remorse shown by the accused.
    • It also has to be clear that the accused has been told of the evidence against him so that if he has an alibi he can use it.
    • The young boy was then punched to the floor and kicked in the face and stomach by the accused.
    • The accused then told the victim he would kill her if she didn't do what he told her to do.
    • Two of the four accused were dismissed early in the trial after the judge found her to be unreliable.
    • I was repeatedly forced to waive my rights in order to be treated like any other accused.