Translation of accusingly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈkjuzɪŋli/ /əˈkjuːzɪŋli/


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    you did it, he said accusingly —fuiste tú —dijo en tono acusador / acusatorio
    • she looked at me accusingly me lanzó una mirada acusadora / acusatoria
    • Over half the seats sat accusingly empty throughout the ‘public meeting’.
    • The monumental bust, The Last Roman, looks on accusingly.
    • When I went home for winter vacation, my beloved ponderosa pines seemed to regard me accusingly in the mist.
    • Someone told me, accusingly, that I should just go and rent Prospero's Books if I liked my movies so goddamned complicated.
    • She picks up the offending ball of too-tight yarn and waves it accusingly.
    • If I don't like a CD, it hangs around on my shelf accusingly, and I grow to hate whoever it is.
    • She also notes who used which dishes, and holds them up accusingly before adding them to the basket of dirty dishes on the floor.
    • Twenty pairs of ten year old eyes stared at me accusingly.
    • The man stands on the pile, his face wrapped against the dust, gazing out accusingly at the photographer.
    • The building is effectively a giant glass satellite, with a central tower pointing its finger accusingly at the heavens.
    • As I was about to bound down the staircase, my neighbour's head poked from her doorway accusingly.
    • In the hot summer months, when the water level drops, a rotting church steeple can be seen poking up accusingly above the water line.
    • I felt an urge to burp and belch loudly and then stare accusingly at one of those long haired chaps with earrings.
    • The alarm clock rings accusingly, a reminder of failed intentions to skip the pub and have an early night.
    • After that he glanced accusingly at us a few times but i kept giving him sweet smiles.
    • The turkey is almost finished but the carcass stands accusingly in the kitchen.
    • The bare stump of a tree, obviously cut down to aid the rescue work, pointed accusingly at the sky.
    • In one, a mother cries at a graveside while a neighbour points accusingly at a poppy field nearby.
    • It's a surreal picture, me with a duster in my hand and her staring at me, accusingly.
    • She pointed accusingly at the moldering trash can in the corner.