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as, n.

Pronunciación /eɪs/

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    (in cards, dominoes, dice)
    as masculino
    the ace of clubs el as de tréboles
    • to have another ace to play tener un as en la manga
    • One recent day, search crews found an ace of diamonds playing card, a doorknob, a pair of security guard pants, a woman's black wig and a pink toothbrush.
    • You look at the cards one at a time, and pile them face up on the ace of the same suit.
    • He picked up his cards, finding the ace of diamonds he tossed it on the pile.
    • Your opponent has only one card left and you know it is the ace of trumps.
    • When the deck is unusually rich in face cards and aces, they bet more, and when the deck is relatively poor in these cards, they bet less.
    • During the Vietnam War, the ace of spades was considered the card of death by the Viet Cong.
    • The ace of spades is the most powerful card, irrespective of what suit is trumps.
    • When played as the High Card, jokers rank as aces.
    • If you set down a face card, an ace, or a joker, then next person has a certain number of chances to set down one of those cards.
    • The cards keep their usual ranks except for the ace which can be either the highest or lowest ranked card in a suit at the whim of the person playing it.
    • At the end of the following hand it is noted who held the ace of hearts at the end of the auction.
    • Christopher set down his cards, exposing a three, five, and ten of spades and the ace of diamonds.
    • If an ace of spades is turned up, the next player must turn up 4 more cards.
    • Trump cards beat all other cards and aces are low.
    • A normal 52-card deck with the aces removed.
    • The guy shows his cards and he had the ace of hearts, but like I said, my hand was unbeatable at that point.
    • The black aces are permanent trumps, independent of which suit otherwise is trumps.
    • I started with the queen of diamonds and spades, an ace of clubs, five of hearts and three of diamonds.
    • Lynn's cards are strong - she has the ace of diamonds, the ace and queen of clubs, the ace and king of hearts.
    • He flicked his wrist and an ace of spades appeared.
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    (in tennis)
    ace masculino
    • She got the match off to a lightning start, opening with a love service game including two aces.
    • He finished three of his first four service games with an ace.
    • He broke his opponent's opening service game easily, and then held serve with three aces to win seven out of eight of the first points played.
    • It was down to a tie-breaker game of 11 aces which saw the Cavan pair run up an early lead of 6-2 and seemed to be heading for the win.
    • The final game saw Carlow run into an early lead of eight aces, and were looking good.
    • He fought off six break points and ended the game with two aces.
    • The hardest server in the world, he compiled 13 aces in today's game but was broken once in each set, including at love to fall behind 5-4 in the second.
    • However, striking for 13 service aces certainly helped out, he said.
    • I then win a duel at the net before I take the game with an ace.
    • But he managed only one service winner and no aces in the final tiebreaker.
    • He finished with 18 aces and 41 service winners, and won despite breaking serve just twice.
    • His final three aces came in his last service game.
    • With the verbal equivalent of one of those ferocious aces he whacks past opponents, Andy Roddick has summed up life in just 18 words.
    • She closed out with consecutive aces and a service winner.
    • His serve improved as he fired down five aces in his first two service games.
    • The Chinese served better than they had in previous matches against the Americans, with five aces, and they set up their offense better, with 61 kills.
    • Their response to the whisper of defeat was the second-serve ace, the cross-court winner - the diamond hardness of their minds.
    • ‘The good thing was that I was serving very well,’ said Aisam, after delivering a dozen aces in the final.
    • A forehand crosscourt, backhand down the line, a couple of aces.
    • She hit a second-serve ace to save the first and a backhand winner to salvage the second.
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    (expert, champion)
    as masculino
    • The motorcycle ace won a world title on the all-powerful Honda last year and then celebrated victory by signing for the all-powerless Yamaha.
    • The Chorley ace starred alongside Olympic record holder Chris Hoy and Craig MacLean as the British team left Poland trailing by more than a second in the sprint final.
    • Lane however had their own batting aces and the Park bowlers struggled as S Hargreaves made 69 and Oliver Halliday 53.
    • The first ace is the maverick genius of young James McFadden, now of Everton.
    • She appeared alongside young aces in fields including sports and music and pop singing.
    • Olympic champion Maurice Greene's status as the world's No 1 sprinter looks shakier than ever and a host of other top name American stars have struggled as Britain's track aces, led by Campbell, bloom.
    • Goal ace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer kept Manchester United in the Premiership title race with a typical smash-and-grab at Filbert Street.
    • A football signed by Brazilian ace and World Cup winner Rivaldo is set to be auctioned off to raise funds for the York City Supporters' Trust.
    • The Canadian ace took charge of the ball before converting his fourth goal in five games.
    • The Pontefract-based ace will captain a four-man team.
    • The Kiwi ace piled up 24 points with a try and 10 goals before being given a rest after an hour when it was 60-6.
    • The former Olympic ace, who quit competitive swimming earlier this month, is determined to win a behind-the-scenes role in the sport.
    • The in-form Canadian ace has made only one start this season, but he is top scorer with three goals - two of them coming in the last three games.
    • The Sheffield-born ace will become the Blues' boss eighth signing since he took over from Joe Royle and takes his spending to around £4m.
    • Sunny and sweet, this film is what's to be expected - a big studio romantic comedy about two tennis aces who fall in love at Wimbledon.
    • But the government body funding the project, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, hopes it might be the making of a new generation of homegrown tennis aces.
    • Four tennis aces from Lancaster Royal Grammar School have been competing in the National Schools Tennis Championship finals in Hertfordshire.
    • The Leeds-based tennis ace, who reached the third round of the junior version of Wimbledon last year, faces a punishing daily regime.
    • Meanwhile, next up for the talented tennis ace is a trip to Florida where he has been invited to the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy.
    • His elder sister, a computer ace, spent second grade doing research on the Internet, delving into Greek myths and studying artists.


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    (reporter/negotiator) de primera
    (reporter/negotiator) destacado
    an ace driver/pilot un as del volante/de la aviación
    • People have these fantasies that we live in a world where mum and dad are both ace parents and have wonderful relationships with their children and with each other.
    • The show's got everything - ace gags, brilliant direction and those boys can ad-lib like the pros they are.
    • A peek into the world of an ace swimmer who had everything going for him until calamity came calling one day, it is the kind of brave cinema that has been making its presence felt in recent times.
    • THE I-BAR sizzled with Salsa beats last weekend when ace Salsa dancers thrilled Bangalore's party circuit with the latest in Latino and Salsa rhythms.
    • And, true to his name, this ace comedian has been making everyone roll up in laughter for years.
    • The ace photographer has decided to go beyond his lens-work and has started a production house.
    • This route is punctuated by farms with ace brick barns; we passed more, some roofless, some heading that way, and joined the River Seven to take its low floodbank.
    • She brought me back lots of little ace presents from New York - including a copy of the Village Voice, whose personal ads I'll be settling down with later.
    • He's a photographer and has worked with loads of famous people, so had lots of ace stories.
    • This man can direct ace children's fare, and do it well.
    • The Forestry Commission car park on Clay Bank Top normally provides ace views of the Cleveland Plain, but there was nothing but an impenetrable gloom.
    • Poet, publisher and ace volunteer discusses her literary loves.
    • They were also the days when the English still made ace movies.
    • All I wanna know is why this ace MC is wasting his time with a throwaway re-hash of every track about a shorty ever written.
    • I have repotted the coriander seedlings, which are still winning the prize for most vigorous specimens, and which have ace roots.
    • Popov's career was given the nudge it needed when, at the age of 17, he met ace coach Touretsky in St Petersbourg.
    • If gift articles have characteristics of ace craftsmanship, they also merit to be preserved as things of beauty.
    • I spoke to a couple of ace gardeners recently in a mad bid to investigate the best native plants for my downtown rental cottage.
    • I just found out today that the man from Japan is coming to visit us over Christmas, this is ace news because we haven't seen him for a couple of years.
    • But on July 3 2002, in the midst of recording their ace second album, he finally met the people who did.
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