Translation of acid house in Spanish:

acid house

acid, n.


  • 1

    (tipo de música asociada con el consumo de la droga éxtasis etc) acid masculine
    (music/party) (before noun) acid
    • The gender-bending pop star was promoting a new album; was singing the praises of acid-house music; and, having kicked the drug habit, was completely open about his sexuality.
    • This is apparent on the string of flaccid acid-house tracks that make up the middle portion of the disc.
    • Dance fans fed up with overcrowded clubs and overpriced DJs are returning to the days of acid-house parties.
    • My goal was to transplant the acid-house culture that I had enjoyed in Manchester in 1990 / 91.
    • Darren will consult on the purchase of some techno, acid house and trance music out of the money raised.
    • In the summer of 1988 I started listening to acid house and techno.
    • The music is varied, contextualising music-box melodies, razor-sharp beats and nostalgic acid-house key samples.
    • The best thing that can be said about it is that it is eclectic, tossing in classic rock ‘n’ roll with slabs of electronica, acid house and ska.
    • When I started, acid house and Britpop happened on my doorstep.
    • Even with such heavily computerised genres such as electro, acid house and original Detroit techno, these roots had still been in evidence.
    • A fragmentation of the pop market during the late 1980s and early '90s, including the rise of hip-hop, acid house and indie, spawned a number of shows that attempted to address disparate audience tastes.
    • Programmed and played beats merge with ease and an emergence of acid house squelches and bleeps add new dimension to the sound.
    • He has presided over many a dance floor for the last 12 years beginning his DJ career in 1989 at acid house parties in London and Cambridge and soon becoming the resident at the now fabled Eclipse raves.
    • I still sort of feel the same as I did ten years ago when there was acid house and drum 'n' bass.
    • Towards the end of the decade he shifted from hip hop to acid house and the rave scene, and soon began recording his own sounds.
    • This is like some serious hardcore electronic stuff - like hard-hitting hard acid house, electroclash, big beat, it's surrounded by a ton of big beat stuff, and big giant analogue bass.
    • Most of Britain's best pop music has taken this sort of anti-institutional stance, from early John Lennon through punk to the anti-Thatcherite hedonism of acid house.
    • The era of Thatcher, Reagan and Bush Sr. saw the explosion of acid house in the UK and the emergence of hip-hop and grunge in the US.
    • The inclusion of ambient or chillout music in dance culture first started during Britain's acid house explosion of the late '80s.
    • Black music eventually spawned rap and hip-hop; punk was followed by post - punk; bands like Black Sabbath spawned heavy metal, then thrash, then nu-metal; acid house gave birth to the dance scene.