Translation of acidhead in Spanish:


adicto al ácido, n.


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    adicto al ácido masculine
    adicta al ácido feminine
    adicto al LSD masculine
    adicta al LSD feminine
    he is an acidhead es un consumidor de ácido / LSD
    • And it just so happened that these acid heads were getting jobs at the earliest silicon valley companies - designing new interfaces, virtual reality, and those kinds of things.
    • We've all seen weepy drunks or screaming acid heads - the guard goes down and feelings come out.
    • I mean, we all know hardcore smokers who seem unable to actually think about anything, or acid heads who wibble on about their ‘insights’ all the time.
    • I'd love to meet the acid heads who write, produce, and direct some of these things.
    • Some of the best writers were acid heads and obviously some of the best musicians.