Translation of acidity in Spanish:


acidez, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsɪdədi/ /əˈsɪdɪti/


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    acidez feminine
    • In trying to link the acidity of rainfall to the acidity of soils and water it is essential to understand the role that soils play in releasing chemicals into solution as a result of natural weathering.
    • Organic farming has many benefits to the environment since it prevents soil and water contamination by chemicals which reduce soil fertility and increase acidity.
    • It may grow on sites with varying soil water availability and acidity, as well as at different above-ground light availabilities.
    • It does not follow that soil acidity bears any relation to wine acidity.
    • When acid rain falls in lakes and rivers, it increases the acidity of the water and can kill or seriously damage aquatic organisms.
    • Tropical marine fish require specialist care, including precise levels of salt in the water, acidity and temperature to survive in a tank.
    • In the case of acid soils, burning decreases acidity, which starts to increase again during the planting period.
    • The pellets dissolve in water and the particles quickly disperse and neutralize soil acidity.
    • In the 1960s and 1970s, fish stocks were depleted in a large number of Scandinavian lakes and this occurred at exactly the same time as an increase in the acidity of the lake water.
    • Pine needles tend to increase the acidity of the soil so they work best around acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons and blueberries.
    • The skeletal remains were in poor condition, probably as the result of soil acidity and the shallow depth of many of the burials.
    • A blend of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, this rich wine has good acidity and luscious raisin notes.
    • Now there is a spate of plantings on higher ground, to achieve longer ripening - which produces wine with better acidity, more complexity and more minerality.
    • The water acidity there is so bad that it killed all life.
    • Wines from countries such as Italy or France tend to have higher acidity than new world wines because they are intended to be served with traditional foods.
    • Wines with high acidity go best with heavy, fatty dishes.
    • In general, warmer New World countries, such as Australia, produce white wines of lower acidity.
    • On a very basic level, vinegar or lemon juice add flavour to fish, so it seems natural to drink a wine with high acidity with seafood.
    • It's customary to add vinegar or lemon juice to fish, so it seems natural that this should be partnered by a wine high in acidity.
    • The acidity in this wine is mean, and there are unripe gooseberry flavours ready to give your taste buds a good kicking.
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    acidez feminine