Translation of acknowledgment in Spanish:


reconocimiento, n.

Pronunciation /əkˈnɑlədʒmənt/ /əkˈnɒlɪdʒm(ə)nt/


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    reconocimiento masculine
    you've been quoted without acknowledgment te han citado sin la correspondiente mención
    • does he appear in the acknowledgments? ¿aparece en la lista de menciones?
    • Wallin, who has already received four honorary degrees and several awards and honours in acknowledgment of her work, will address graduates in applied health sciences and arts.
    • Now, not only are you doing most of the work, you are not entitled to any acknowledgement, never mind gratitude, for doing it at all.
    • Instead of trophies going to the winning teams, all dance groups were presented with framed certificates in acknowledgment of, and in thanks for, their participation.
    • Smiling his smile of acknowledgment and gratitude, he draped his long overcoat over her shoulders as he set about making the morning meal.
    • Even as pathetic as she looked now, he gave her a look of gratitude and acknowledgment, she probably did not see it, her eyes were half closed by now.
    • Tired once more, I sighed and jangled the car keys and nodded to Michael with a mix of acknowledgment and gratitude for taking over.
    • Thanksgiving and an acknowledgement of debt and gratitude are the first duties which a beneficiary owes to the benefactor.
    • The workers were guests of the firm who organised a visit to the illuminations in acknowledgment of their hard work during the year and to mark the coronation.
    • It was unanimously decided to give a gratuity to the Captain in acknowledgement of his services.
    • The company's Queen's Award was approved by Her Majesty in April last year in acknowledgement of export excellence.
    • Did they notice my sterling work record and give me the appreciation and acknowledgement I deserve?
    • There were no thanks, no acknowledgments, just a pointed few words on how the collapse of marriage could bring ruination to society.
    • I nodded in acknowledgement of his efforts and jogged around the roof, looking for the hatch, and finding it.
    • As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually we hope that all concerned will accept this acknowledgement.
    • As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our sincere appreciation.
    • Recognition, acknowledgment, praise, and rewards are ever so important and are a demonstration of the fact that you care.
    • Everyone likes a bit of recognition or acknowledgement, and a bit of self-esteem was never a bad thing.
    • And of course what we're really after is recognition, admiration, acknowledgement from the rest of the world, status, in other words.
    • Because they tend to be compassionate and sensitive, they respond best to personal recognition and acknowledgement.
    • What he craves is recognition and acknowledgement.
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    (confirmation, response)
    I've had no acknowledgment of my letter no han acusado recibo de mi carta
    • she gave a quick smile of acknowledgment me saludó con una breve sonrisa
    • Even a passive observer would nod in acknowledgement.
    • He was smiling in acknowledgement as their eyes met.
    • We both nodded in acknowledgement and then I took a seat.
    • He never entered a carriage but stood on the outside platform, and though he wouldn't wave back, he always bowed in acknowledgement.
    • I don't think I said anything in response, but I nodded my head, I think, in acknowledgement.
    • The driver nodded in acknowledgement and a further 20 seconds of silence passed before he spoke again.
    • Cadeyrn inclined his head in acknowledgement.
    • I nodded in acknowledgement then asked, ‘Are you two the only ones here?’
    • Ryan nodded in acknowledgement, and then proceeded to talk to Kiley about their past Physics class, leaving me to pursue my own train of thoughts.
    • He tipped his head in acknowledgement when he saw us.
    • She nods in acknowledgement without turning to face him.
    • With no expression of acknowledgment the porter closed the wicket.
    • He doesn't say a word, merely nodding in acknowledgement of Stephen's greeting.
    • He nodded in acknowledgement of her apology but said nothing.
    • Not a single flicker of acknowledgement may be granted them when we pass them on the street.
    • No acknowledgment of my greeting came from Carrie, although her mother waved back.
    • She nods in acknowledgement of his words, though knowing he wishes differently.
    • He nodded, instead, in acknowledgement of the comment.
    • A few fans called to them, but they gave no acknowledgement of these greetings.
    • I looked over at my friend Conner, who nodded his head in acknowledgment of my existence, but didn't say much.