Translation of acolyte in Spanish:


acólito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈækəˌlaɪt/ /ˈakəlʌɪt/

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    acólito masculine
    • There were scores of acolytes and priests, preparing to begin the ritual.
    • With no Sunday school program for the five or so children present, we were invited to be part of the Sunday morning service. I served as an acolyte, a lay reader, and even led liturgical dance.
    • Priests, acolytes and choirboys pad round a central tent that represents the holy of holies, the spiritual home of the Ark.
    • When that was done, the nun asked whether my sister and I wished to serve as acolytes at the service.
    • In Africa it is sacred to the priesthood or acolytes, in America it has become generalized.
    • Why is it that so many people today are never disturbed or upset at worship (except, of course, when the acolyte does acrobatics, the liturgy runs long, or the kids are cranky and crying)?
    • My church life has consisted of Hymns: Ancient and Modern, acolytes, incense and sermons.
    • She pointed to the two girls serving as acolytes and said, ‘Look, Nana, there are two of them.’
    • I advise my young acolytes to wear ‘Sunday shoes’ instead of athletic shoes when they are serving at the altar.
    • He said, ‘I'm allowed to be an acolyte, but this is the first time I have ever been asked by my church in any form to reflect deeply on that which is most fundamental to who I am.’
    • The only other dark face in the photo is that of Francois, who, dressed in the cassock and surplice of an acolyte, stands to one side of the pastor.
    • I remember seeing Mrs. Zito praying in the back pews of our church on Sunday afternoons when I served as an acolyte at benediction.
    • The water spills out over the baptismal font, drenching the minister and the acolyte holding the green book.
    • Afterward he commented to me that I had reminded him of his days as an acolyte when he was a teenager.
    • They were mostly acolytes, one or two black-robed priests among them.
    • the acolyte standing next to the priest called out, and she felt hands pulling her gently out of the way of the old man behind her.
    • You can see why I haven't made it up to priestess yet, I'm still an acolyte.
    • The procession into the Church was lead by Crossbearer with two acolytes, Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist, Altar Servers, Priests and Bishop.
    • A bishop and his acolyte attend her, while courtiers in black robes emerge from the gloom on either side of the bed.