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acústico, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈkustɪk/ /əˈkuːstɪk/

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    (energy/wave/panel) acústico
    (bass/guitar) acústico
    acoustic nerve nervio auditivo
    • acoustic cover cubierta antirruido
    • Hard, smooth surfaces are more sound-reflective than rough surfaces, or ones that are covered with fabric or acoustic materials.
    • Then open-web joists would be installed between the arch segments, and when these were completed acoustic metal decking was attached to the entire assembly.
    • Then you can start deciding things like where to place furniture and acoustic material, finding a good room that's not a hallway next to a jackhammer and so on.
    • When acoustic texture material is wet, asbestos fibers are withheld from release into the air.
    • Interior surfaces are of pine and birch plywood boarding and acoustic wood louvres.
    • Lead paint, which existed mostly on the window frames and in acoustic tile, were carefully removed, and the asbestos is being either removed or encapsulated.
    • Apparently this quietness was achieved by using ‘sound-deadening materials, additional door seals and acoustic glass’.
    • Highly light reflective, acoustic tiles let more available light reflect back into the room, and save money in utility costs.
    • The floor was tiled in striking high quality vitreous tiles from Germany and the ceiling lined with acoustic tiles to minimise sound.
    • It pertains to the removal of sprayed asbestos coatings used for thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings and on boilers in industrial plants.
    • But even genuine acoustic foam comes in different fire-resistant grades.
    • The ceiling itself mirrored the floor - white acoustic tile, smooth and nearly unbroken.
    • My room came with a vast stain spreading across the acoustic tiles in the ceiling.
    • As a patient, you spend a great deal of time, sometimes days at a time in severe situations, flat on your back and staring at stained acoustic tiles.
    • Innovations within the product lines of acoustic tile manufacturers allow for a more clean, crisp uncluttered aesthetic.
    • When noise reduction is the goal, it is important to look at the acoustic tiles' NRC or CAC ratings.
    • A smug smile on her face, she reached up and found her grip on the acoustic tile.
    • There was a bullet hole in one of the stained acoustic tiles there.
    • You should use an airless gun to prime and paint your acoustic ceiling, by angling your gun slightly and spraying it lightly in all directions.
    • It's not recommended to roll paint on an acoustic ceiling, as it is very porous.
    • I listen to as much acoustic music as electronic these days; I like to keep an open mind.
    • It's a beautiful album, and solo acoustic music doesn't get much better than this.
    • It's a total transition - he's gone from acoustic jazz into electric jazz-rock.
    • Murray, who is no longer with a band, played a set of rocksteady and reggae tunes on acoustic guitar.
    • It's a superb example of acoustic jazz ensemble playing and lovely multi-horn arranging.
    • Because the band which has defined the sound of contemporary bluegrass over the last decade or so raises the bar in acoustic music with every new record.
    • While another strong contender for best track on the album is Black Mountain, a haunting ballad built around a strong acoustic guitar riff and some heady stabs of violin.
    • You got your folky-picked acoustic guitar riff, check.
    • It's driven by a great bassline, some excellent acoustic guitar riffs and finds Nic Denson's vocals at their most spellbinding.
    • Neil Young says Jansch did for the acoustic guitar what Jimi Hendrix did for the electric guitar.
    • ‘St Christopher’ gently swings to a jazzy acoustic guitar and resembles nothing less than prime period Joni Mitchell.
    • It's been a while since an album has taken such great lengths to show that there is some tangible relation between the worlds of electronic and acoustic music.
    • Appropriately, the movements are accompanied by live electronic and acoustic music.
    • the Pacific women's trio Manuhiri from New Zealand and Tonga, with their contemporary acoustic music and lush harmonies.
    • In some quieter moments acoustic and slide guitars give them a breezy alt-country feel, while other songs seem designed for dancing.
    • While many musicians of his generation were turning their back on acoustic music, he remained a loyal folkie.
    • He also switched between acoustic and electric guitar regularly throughout the night.
    • For anybody who likes playing the acoustic guitar, this album is a must.
    • This album is pure laid back grooves, acoustic guitars, and blissed out melodies.
    • Yay, it's got both acoustic guitars and electronics!