Translation of acoustics in Spanish:


acústica, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkustɪks/ /əˈkuːstɪks/


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    acústica feminine
    • Current advances in science and technology, particularly in the area of acoustics and high technologies, enable a more complete utilization of the audio band.
    • He studied mathematical physics and acoustics producing a major study in 1862 which looked at musical theory and the perception of sound.
    • Thus, the field of acoustics covers a vast array of different areas of use, and they are constantly expanding.
    • Thompson, for example, could easily have written a history of technological changes in the history of sound and acoustics.
    • Swedenborg joined his mysticism with a keen interest in natural science, especially acoustics.
    • Duhamel worked on partial differential equations and applied his methods to the theory of heat, to rational mechanics and to acoustics.
    • Unit Conversion Utility - consists of 47 electronic conversions in seven categories useful for forecasting, acoustics and nautical science.
    • Since that time, considerable advances have been made in the science of underwater acoustics and the hardware used for the detection of faint signals.
    • Music and the science of sound and acoustics stand on the brink of huge change.
    • In the following article, Matthew Malsky analyzes the effect of digital technology on the science of acoustics in pursuit of a ‘real’ listening experience.
    • Rayleigh developed laboratory courses in heat, electricity and magnetism, properties of matter, optics, and acoustics.
    • He specializes in ocean acoustics, signal processing and physical oceanography.
    • It was Murray who taught Alexander Graham Bell the basics of acoustics and electricity and thus was the grandfather, if not the father, of the telephone.
    • Driven to match his father's prominence as a speech analyst, he undertook research in acoustics and speech with the aid of electrical and mechanical devices.
    • He studied continuum mechanics, lunar theory with Clairaut, the three body problem, elasticity, acoustics, the wave theory of light, hydraulics, and music.
    • During World War I Fubini studied the accuracy of artillery fire and these investigations led him on to work on acoustics and electricity.
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    (of room)
    acústica feminine
    • Wavy perforated metal panels aid the room's acoustics yet appear to float off of the brick walls.
    • However, the acoustics in that room where dreadful (very high ceiling), but Eric and Andre (2nd guitar and bass) did a good job and put on a good show.
    • His voice, as heard over the television, is not ideally modulated, but it was probably adapted to the acoustics in the room as he heard his own voice.
    • Good sound guys can figure out the acoustics during sound check relatively quickly, but that's only going to go so far.
    • But the shape of the rooms created terrible acoustics.
    • The cave's acoustics intensified the sound, causing her to become fully aware of the headache she was trying to ignore in the hope of placating it.
    • They all resonate at the same pitch, yet produce a constant, layered dissonance due to the room's inconsistent acoustics.
    • The acoustics within a room depend on the key issues of reverberation, room shape, and interior noise control.
    • The acoustics in this room sometimes are a little deceptive.
    • The courtroom was huge, but the acoustics in the room were good and even the slightest bit of breathing could be heard.
    • The acoustics in the living room, thanks to its high ceiling and scant furniture, were incredible.
    • I look at this place and think, ‘jeez, from the perfect acoustics and sightlines of the Roman amphitheaters, it's all been downhill from there.’
    • ‘The perfect acoustics in the Heritage Centre make it the ideal venue for storytelling, music and song,’ says Ms Byrne.
    • The attention to detail is magnificent and manifests itself in everything from the programme to the seating arrangements to the acoustics.
    • The beautiful opera house claims to be one of the best in Europe, with perfect acoustics and frescoes painted by Karoly Lotz.
    • ‘The acoustics in this house can play tricks with sounds,’ the earl continued.
    • Luckily the room was not without excellent acoustics (even if her ears were still ringing a bit).
    • The venue, Victoria Hall, is a beautiful 101-year-old local landmark which has superb acoustics and facilities and lends itself perfectly to this event.
    • Unfortunately, the debate was hampered by the acoustics in the hall, and many of the participants, myself included, were unable to follow much of what was said.
    • The Cathedral is a beautiful venue for concerts and recitals and all musicians who play there comment on the wonderful acoustic of the building.