Traducción de acquisition en Español:


adquisición, n.

Pronunciación /ˌækwəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌakwɪˈzɪʃ(ə)n/

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    adquisición femenino
    our most recent acquisition nuestra última adquisición
    • Among the museum's acquisitions, he discovered a piece of furniture that he had made 40 years before.
    • I found a robin's egg while planting new acquisitions in the northeast bed.
    • Jonny has just returned from a trip to Florida, successfully tying up the loose ends on the purchase of his latest acquisition.
    • It was thus a valuable acquisition for European powers and the United States.
    • The overriding problem with acquisitions is in integrating the new assets.
    • It was concerned about the scheme's viability and the cost of property acquisitions it was asked to intervene in.
    • So does it make more sense for parents to consider a property acquisition?
    • It is really a valuable acquisition, because it completes our Eastern African deployment.
    • The government gives the National Library an acquisitions budget of €1m a year.
    • The bibliography also contains information on general library acquisitions.
    • A show trial is going on in Rome on illegal art acquisitions by the museum.
    • For each sample, three different acquisitions were collected, with highly reproducible results.
    • He batted confidently and with style and shows himself to be a valuable acquisition for Border cricket.
    • Although the aircraft will need a complete restoration, it is a very prized acquisition for the museum.
    • The University of Melbourne alone spends more on acquisitions than the National Library of Australia.
    • Among his lauded acquisitions at the museum, Shah Jahan's jade cup holds pride of place.
    • The result is that numerous museums all over the country are making exciting new acquisitions.
    • It was also used by the RAF for airfield defence, making it a fitting acquisition for the Yorkshire Air Museum.
    • People reacted so well to the idea that the little museum was soon packed with new acquisitions.
    • More than merely improving the Museum's collection, the Gilman acquisition transforms it.
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    adquisición femenino
    language acquisition la adquisición / el aprendizaje de la lengua
    • It takes a bit of time to generate the synergies that deliver the shareholder value added from acquisitions.
    • Even fans of its stock don't think the acquisition will improve the insurer's profitability any time soon.
    • The earnings growth was made up of a mix of contribution from acquisitions and organic growth.
    • Now the tactic of depending on acquisitions to fuel growth has become difficult.
    • Another chapter is being added to the story of overseas acquisitions by Indian pharma companies.
    • Visible choices on divestments or acquisitions should be seen to fit with this rationale.
    • There is a strong possibility of an acquisition when the takeover bar expires in October 2003.
    • It has promoted him to the position of vice president of pricing and mergers and acquisitions.
    • And only the historians would be able to determine whether it was an acquisition, a merger or a reverse takeover.
    • In certain circumstances, it can also be used to facilitate a management buyout or acquisition.
    • He met the target with a programme of acquisitions and in the process saw the company's share price cut by two thirds.
    • It has already made three acquisitions, all of profitable businesses, and is believed to be eyeing up another two.
    • Managers are also pursuing efficiency improvements through mergers and acquisitions.
    • He said the company had not ruled out raising more external investment to fund acquisitions.
    • Corporate acquisitions have been a major driver of the company's rapid growth.
    • Is there anything a CEO can do to prevent a calamity in making an acquisition?
    • It was also hiring staff and is considering a number of small acquisitions.
    • Investors would welcome any news about acquisitions to bolster the company's medical and aerospace divisions.
    • Flynn is believed to be looking for a new investor with enough cash to support a series of international acquisitions.
    • Investors don't generally like talk of acquisitions so soon after a big deal.